Hi ladies well i have convinced my self that i have missed OV i have had EWCM for 2days now (started yesterday and now today too) But the EWCM is starting to clear up so think i have missed OV i have had no POS OV sticks only done yesterday and today so i dont no what to do i have BD twice yesterday and OH is not home yet but will tonight!!

Think i have missed my chances now this month :cry: :cry: :cry:

I was being too relaxed and have missed it why does nothing work!!!!!!! :evil: :evil:

All i want is a baby is that too much to ask 4!!!!!!! :evil: :cry: :evil: :cry:


  • Hi MJ1986 I am new to ttc forum moved over from PAB, how long have you been trying hun?

    I feel your frustration, I am on CD1 so need to wait until 2 weeks now to start even trying argh and its driving me mad.

    Are you using a CBFM we havent got one, I just wondered how often would you POAS for an ovulation stick would it be every morning leading up to ovulation as you get 7 in a pack.

    If you could help me much appreciated as am new to all this and I dont want to miss ovulation either as am hoping I can have an august pip in my oven by xmas!! woo hoo x
  • wow wow wow stop with all this negativity! You bd twice yesterday and will again tonight. So on both days of EWCM you have bd. Am I missing something? Sounds like perfect timing to me. Listen to your body not the ovulation sticks, come on PMA PMA x
  • janejune right hun. i had ewcm on wed and thur and ff logged my ov as friday so i think you have bdanced on the right days. good luck hun, hope this is your
  • MJ I agree withjanejune and angel100 - you have listened to your body hun so I would try not to worry about it. Your body produces the EWCM for the purpose of getting you pregnant and you have BD'd at that time so it sounds like you are still in with a good chance this month.

    Just out of curiosity what CD are you on and what CD did you start your OPK's? xx
  • OK misses did i read worng ...... 2 days of ewcm and 2 days of bd 1 of those days u bd image twice :lol:

    Right hun re- read and think image U have done plenty image

    You may just of given those spermies a fighting chance and OH stock would of been really image fresh image :lol: :lol: :lol:

    No more frowning faces :lol: We want to see Happy ones :lol: image :\)

    Gems xx (((hugs)))
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