Best time to POAS

Hi all, after reading many posts it seems midday is the best time to POAS for ov, however im on nights at the mo as work shifts so what is the best time if ive been in bed usually get into bed 7 in morn and wake at 1, should i leave it until later as if ive woken in the morn?


  • I'm a freelance writer with Maclean's, Canada's largest current affairs magazine. I'm writing an article about cardboard furniture, and I'm looking for anyone who has tried out the eco crib or anything similar to tell me what it's like.
    I'd be extremely grateful.
    Alexandra Shimo
    e: [email protected]
  • I bought this in 2005 for my first bor and loved it! It is far from impractical and a brilliant piece of eco friendly genius! My daughter was in it until she was about 7 months, when reluctantly (by me) she went into her cot, but it was so easy to use when travelling to relatives etc as it folds down flat with its own cardboard carrier and made life so much easier, considering the amount of things you have to takke and think of when staying at different places! The mattress fitted fine and the only thing I can think, is that the sides of the crib are at a slant so the mattress doesn't fit flush, however, this makes it easy to tuck the blankets under to keep the bubbas snug! I used this with my son also, but he wasn't in it for any length of time, but this wasn't a fault, simply a very hungry bubba boy, who grew rapidly! I would recommend this to anyone 100%.
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