Hot flushes, i think im going through the change!!

Well for the last few days ive been having hot flushes!!
I really hope this is not a sign that im heading for the change!!!! :cry: I am 43 so it is possible!! xx


  • Tis possible, but it also might be a good sign-I had horrendous hot flushes before by bfp that was chem pg!!
    Everything crossed for you!
  • Awww thanks Helen!! While im sitting here now i feel like im burning from the inside, theres no visible redness on the outside though!! Very weird!! How are you hun? xxx
  • me too!! that was my 1st sympton even before af was due and after 2 bfp on early tests!!

    good luck hun, its def possible x
  • ooh debbie why did you use all the test, i want a result NOW :lol:
  • LOL, Ive had far too many bfns over the last 2yrs of trying so im deffinately not testing again till im late!! Sorry hun, bare with me! xxx
  • i am patiently tapping my fingers waiting :lol:
  • When will you be late Debs?
    I'm waiting for my next cd1 (cd3 today) to start down regging for my donor embryo. I have just emailed my donor to see if he can oblige next friday if it looks like ov is imminent, as I go on hols to northumbria on saturday. However I didn't ov at all this last month, so don't know whats happening.
    I'll have to pop back and see how you go. A bfp for you would be absolutely fantastic!
  • Af is due fri/sat so not too long to wait!
    It wouuld be fantastic for both of us to finally make the move to pregnancy!
    I bet your really looking forward to your holiday, we are also going away at the wk end to littlehampton. We will be visiting my older daughter, i cant wait!
    Yeah ive had months like that, i do think its quite normal but maybe it happens a little more often as we get older!! Good luck Helen and have a fab holiday! xxx
  • helen

    things are starting to happen, how exciting! its certainly time you, debbie and grudie graduated!!
  • Thanks piggypops, i dont think it will be this month though hun as im having AF type niggles today! Ive had a really sore back for the last few days too! Why doesnt she just show her ugly face now so i can get on with it!!!! xxx
  • Hey Hun... Sorry to g/c... Just returning the compliment by sending you lots of positive vibes!! I'm almost empathise with the added worry of age getting on the way!

    My mummy lives in littlehampton, just got back from there... Small world lol !!

  • Lol, yes it is a small world! Its lovely in littlehampton, isnt it?
    Thanks for the positive vibes but im certain AF is just teasing me and will appear fri/sat as predicted! I just wish she would hurry up so that i can get onto planning for next month!! xxx
  • It is lovely, wished I lived there too!

    Well GL for next month Hun... To the both of us!

  • I'll second that!
    Lots of pma for next month! xx
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