Rollercoaster - Warning maybe TMI !!

What a weekend !
Went away to the lakes with the family and as we got there Friday afternoon B & SIL announced they were having there 2nd baby. Obviously i was really happy for them but instantly felt sick. Why couldnt have been me? Then they soon admitted they were trying for 2 weeks and she just KNEW she was pregnant. Great !!
Then Sunday night had tiniest bit of spotting in knickers and a little belly ache then thought well thats over this month, start of my period. Told Oh and we both accepted af was on its way(had a little cry). Then Monday morning the pains had gone and no spotting at all. Decided that we wanted to know either way so we bought a test on the way home and did it. We got a faint line on preg test which was clearly visible. We couldnt believe it, was excited but i just had a feeling that it couldnt be right. Anyway got a tiny bit more spotting and i mean TINY bit and took another test a few hours later which had an even fainter line. It was our wedding anniversary so we went out for a meal and tried to forget about it and said we would test in the morning as that would give the best indication. Tested this morning and NOTHING at all.
Still no stomach ache(which i always get when due on) and still tiny bit of spotting. Which isnt red its like a really light brown.
Sorry for all this TMI girls !
So now today feel fed up again but no af and little spots of browny stuff which is on knickers but nothing when i wipe!
I just feel like i have been on the biggest rollercoaster of emotions the last few days & dont know what to think anymore. I want either af to show properly so then i can concentrate on the next month OR a test to show a definate YES.
Thanks for listening girls any advice would be much appreciated.


  • Ohh you poor thing youve certainly had a tough few days! When is your af due hun? xx
  • Oh LMcD, what a weekend.
    Maybe try and relax for a day or two and then try with FMU at the end of the week if you can wait that long, don't think i'd be able to. As they say a line is a line so hopefully it is a BFP for you. Maybe the other tests were dodgy or something. Fingers crossed for you and keep us posted. GOod luck.Sxx
  • Hard to tell which is even worse now.
    Last month i did a sponsored walk and af started on Sat 21st in the morning but i think because of the walk my body thought WOW i cant cope with 2 things at once and so it stopped for the day and started again on Sunday morning. I dont know what day to class as starting. If its Saturday then my af is due today if Sunday then tomorrow. They seem to be getting shorter cycles every month though. i have gone from 25 days in feb now down to 23.
  • So its still early then! Wait another day or two then test again with fmu (1st mornin wee) What tests have you used? Ive allways found 1st response ones very good. xxx
  • Thats the ones i have used. First Response ones. I think af will either show up by tomorrow morning or i will test again.
    Just cant understand why i am now on my 2nd day of tiny spots.
    Why is the Womans body soooo complicated !
  • Im so with you on that one hun! Our bodys can be very complicated at times and it can be so frustrating. Anyway i hope you get your bfp in a couple of days, keep in touch and let me know what happens. good luck xxxx
  • Hi hun, sometimes our bodies play mean tricks on us. The fact that you have done a test and saw a very faint line is promising, you should hold on to that thought, it could be that you have tested too early on the last test and there isn't enough preg horm, normally a week after AF is due would give you a better result, not sure when your AF is due.

    I know it's easy for me to say but try not to get down about it, it's not over yet! Your AF hasn't arrived yet so keep that PMA going. I really hope this is it for you and I will have my fingers crossed for you.

    Throwing lots of PMA your way and babydust xxx

  • Oh hun, what a weekend!! know exaclty what you mean about rollercoster of emotions though. DOnt give up hope just yet. Your spotting could be implantation bleeding and could be getting faint readings because you have a low level for the test to detect?

    let us know howy ou get on xxx
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