when to test?

hi ladies
I came off the pill and had my bleed 1st July.so not sure when to test.should i go by 28days? Which would make it 29th July? Im not sure if i would of ov yet.I m getting alot of discharge at the minute sorry tmi!i due to go on my sisters hen night 31st and my parents are coming to stay 2nd august so would like to know around then really but would it show up if i am pregnant?We are not using ov sticks.


  • hiya, i would test 29th? whats the discharge ur getting atm? lol. sorry tmi, is it clear ewcm? or cloudy? xxxx
  • I would test on 29th July also hon, make sure you test first thing in morning as that's when pg hormone would be stronger xxx have you been checking cm or anything? around ov it should be clear like egg white?
  • Its cloudy not as much now tho.Hve been checking but not sure if its mine or hb,lol!Talked to hb and he wants to wait till 30th as thats when i get paid.but said he doesnt want me to test while my parents are here as he wants to wait till 12 week scan to tell people if i am that is.They live in oz.
  • lol. good plan, wait as long as poss to test image i no its hard tho! lol xxxx and good luck! x
  • thank you ladies.i have two other children but never really planned them so new to all of this symptom spotting etc.will either wat till the 30th or a couple of days after that.x
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