Coming off pill vs PG symptoms??

Hi Everyone,

I am new and a bit confusedimage Wishing everyone well though.

I have suffered with Endometriosis so have been on the pill for years as a sort of preventative for this coming back. Inside structurally everything is fine but I know there is a slighlt increased risk of MC with endo. image

So, I cam off the pill 4/5 weeks ago and we have been trying since 3/4 weeks ago. We were told not to wait as I can't go too long without either being pg or being on the pill.

I had some bad symptoms coming off the pill - migraines and very emptional and irritable. Then this subsided with the help of some starflower and a little patience on my part.image
But since saturday I have has 3 bouts of nausea- today very bad lasting a few hours. I've also been feeling a bit dizzy and a little emotional every now and then. Nothing major though. The other weird thing is I have been very hot the last few days - besides from the lovely sunshine! image

These new symptoms feel different from the inital withdrawal from the pill as there wasa gap and I feel 'different'. Can't explin how and maybe its coming off the pill but who knows!?

Does this sound anything like pg symptoms? I am a little clueless when it comes to this!
Best wishes,

Robin x


  • hiya, this is sooo hard, coz pg symptoms and the symtoms i had coming off the pill were like exactly the same, of course u could be pg, nasea dizziness etc are all preg symtoms, so u may well be : but i had sore (.)(.) nausea, cramps, headaches, dizziniess the lot when i came off the pill, so its so hard to tell, sorry if thats not what u wanted to hear sweetie, many people get their bfp's the first month so theres defo a possibility u could be pg, will have to wait and see im afraid, im guessing u will be due around now if u have been off for 4/5 weeks? maybe test if ur in doubt? good luck xxxxx
  • ive had all the same symptoms since coming of the pill 4weeks ago but have tested and showing negative. Really confusing as i dont remember having these symptoms when ttc my lo. bodys eh? lol
  • Thanks for your replies.

    I think its unlikely I am but its nice to know these symptoms are 'normal' if I'm not pg. image
  • luckily my initial migraines and emotions went a couple weeks ago. However the nausea and dizziness and metallic taste in my mouth are building. When the nausea passes i feel great, just a little tired. I've also found things are tasting different too. I've good off choc and fatty foods. If nothing else at least i will be more healthy. Lol. I think i'm due on 1st july but i don't yet know how long my cycles will be. Will test only if no af by 3rd july. Fingers cropped for everyone! X
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