hi filo heard about ya great news. when you got ya first scan and what are your pregnancy symptoms? also how many weeks are you now? whens baby due im so excited for you hope il be joining you soon x x


  • well hun i have got a scan on 21st of may(seems ages away). Am seeing mw on friday and will see if can move to earlier one due to recent mc.
    Am 6 weeks and 1 day today,and tested + at 8dpo and on cbd at 9dpo. Backed up by blood test week later with good numbers. Had nausea prior to + for couple of days, bloated, sore bbs. Then came the real nausea last few days, even sorer bbs, excess saliva, constipation, and a feeling that i just was pregnant.
    Hope to see your bfp soon.
    Filo x
  • oh thats brilliant hun its so exciting cant wait to see your scan pics i know if you have had mc in past they can give you very early scan at epu to reasure you hun. x x
    so you be having xmas baby x im so pleased for you hun
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