When should I test?


I have PCOS so my periods are very irregular. that last one was december 2007. i'm waiting to go back to the hospital to see whats going to happen, so far i've only had results to say i do have PCOS so i'm not on any medication.

Last week i had all the signs of ovulation so done a test and it was positive. i know with having PCOS theres a chance i didn't actually ovulate but we bd just incase.

As i don't have a regular cycle and wouldn't know when i was going to get af. i just wanted to know how long should i wait to do a test?:\?

i've had sore boobs and cramps and my temp has been off the scale. but i don't know if this is just a sign af is on its way.

any help would be appreciated

thanks :\)


  • Once you ov you usually get your af roughly 14 days after but i don't know if that differs if you have pcos i'm afraid - someone will!! So, wait the 2 weeks and see.
    good luck
  • Your period doesn't always come 14 days later but waiting 2 weeks is a good idea before testing as it can take that long to implant..

    A woman I work with has just found out she's pregnant 8 years after being diagnosed with PCOS
  • ok i'll hang on then. it'll drive me mad waiting. my husband keeps telling me to test but i'm so scared of getting a bfn.

    wow i bet she is over the moon. thats fantastic.
    we've been trying for 3 years but in that 3 year i've probably only had about 6 periods if that. its just horrible. my periods were ok before i went on the depo injection then when i came off i went 2 years with no period. i've had problems ever since but only just been diagnosed with pcos this year.
  • The woman in work was shocked as they weren't really trying!! She'd basically given up I think. So she's happy and amazed image
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