Another shadow line! Im going nuts!

Well all my willpower flew away and I tested this evening at 6, and got another shadow line within the time limit! Im testing 4 days early and 10dpo if even! Im spending a bomb on preg tests but I cant resist!


  • Oh no-lock up the tests!!!!! If you're getting a shadow line without fmu then try and wait a couple more days then use fmu!! LOL at me whos commonsense also goes out of the window once I'm into 1ww!!! Good luck Fran.xx
  • had another look and think theres a tinge of pink in it! See Im nuts lol
  • thanks hjanea! Im going to show hubby when he gets home see if he can see it image
  • You bad girl!! lol. Try and use fmu when you do the next one hun im sure youll know for sure then , good luck xxx
  • I hope he can!!! I wasn't going to buy any more tests than the one I have remaining but a pack of 2 cbds needed a good home when I was in tescos this morning!!!! Think I'm going to have to put them in the garage!!!!xx
  • ok I can def see the line Ive looked back again and its def pink so not evap, I feel really panicky! Its 8 weeks today since my D&C (after mmc) and first month trying after. it seems to good to be true!Hubby not home till at least 9.30!
  • OMG how exciting!!! Try and keep calm. Can you ring him or have you got to wait until he gets home?
  • Hes playing football! I want to show him the test see what he says!
  • Oh good luck sweetheart!!!
  • DH can def see the line!! I will do a few more tests ( have them already) over next few days until I get a BFP this is more of a Very Faint Positive, we are both a bit scared to get our hopes up after last time but Im so pleased just hope that line gets darker next few days!!
  • I have everything crossed for you!!!xxxxxx
  • Any news Fran82???
  • Have you tested again yet fran ?
  • I have another test but going to try and hold out until monday! AF due Tues
  • get a cbd that will tell you for sure if its a bfp or not they you will know for sure x x x x

  • Good luck Fran! Hope you get a lovely dark line when you test! you deserve it xx
  • Goodluck hunny, sounds like a bfp to me!!! xxxx
  • Goodluck hunny, sounds like a bfp to me!!! xxxx
  • Have had v slight v watery blood thsi evening just a few spots not enough to even stain. Could eb implatation BUT this is how mmc started out and I was let go right to 11 weeks before they confirmed it. Could also be chemical preg so really wish I hadnt tested now image
  • Oh Fran really hope it's implantation hun xxxxxxx

    Sending you lots of spangly baby dust xxxxx
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