CM & Ov question!

Hi girlies, just a quick one for you.x

On CD17. Ov strips showing no change, have no cm at all but I have a few stomach cramps... bit like when AF is coming? Do you think I could be getting ready to ov or does cm usually come few days before? .......this ttc is rather xxxxxx


  • heya! omg nic! im exactly the same1 lol. im cd19, no + opk, no cm. but af-ish cramps, im thinking i may ov in a day or two, so im just testing twice a day so i dont miss it, will carry on bd'ing everyother day too tho, just in case the opks arnt working. xxxxxxxx
  • good idea, if in doubt ..suppose on plus side if not ov'd yet means were still in with a chance this month! xxxxx
  • exactly image just keep bd'ing! thats what im doing anyway, now off to ov test so fingers crossed! xxxxxx
  • it was negative... again image cd20, wonder if im doing something wrong? starting to panic theres something wrong with me and im not ov'ing image any updates ur end? x
  • Morning, nope CD18 and no sign?? prob just a longer cycle? dont really know how long my cycles are anyway with been on pill so long. suppose i just presumed it would be 28days?? read alot of posts on here though and 35days also seems pretty common.
    did one this morning and could barely see first line but when i went back to it bout 30mins later it was darker so maybe were reading them too soon? still getting bit of cramping though so god xx
  • yeah i think im gonna end being a 35'er? its weird, coz i feel like im ov'ing so dunno? you could be right, i leave then 3-5 mins, and chuck iy away? mmmm so confused! how long have u been off the pill? xxxx
  • I looked through the ones in my bathroom bin and those were all darker than they were when id first checked them, none were really dark though so still positive i havent ovd yet. save yr next one and check it after longer time.
    I stopped taking it end of may, had first af on june 29. was taking it continously for a yr. was minipill so no break inbetween months. x
  • ok cool, was wondering if it was anything to do with that? coz i no for sur ei didnt ov 3 months after coming off the pill, was on microgynon tho, ive been off it 6 months, so now im worrying im still not ov'ing image will defo leave them a bit longer aswell then thanks image xxx
  • Hey ladies....the ones that I have say results can show up to 8 mins so I would definitely leave them abit longer just in case as you may of thrown them away thinking it was a BFN when it could of been a BFP but just being abit slower in letting you know image xxxxx
  • Hey Amiee, any update?? im now CD19 still no sign of + ...had quite strong cramps last night then this morning little bit of v light pinky coloured disharge (sorry tmi) ?? so now im confused. Surely I cant be getting another af without even oving??!! lol
  • Hi just thought i'd add to say that my two cycles post coming off the pill have been 44days then 42days so ovulated CD30 then CD28 so keep in testing just in case!
  • hiya nic, im on cd 22, no + yet, a bit of cm, but it thick and white, not strecthy (sorry lol)

    have read that sometimes ov can cause pink discharge, or could be implantation, r u testing twice a day im thinking maybe we just missed ov? also did u get ebay cheapies? im wondering weather mine arnt working, after what hopingtobeamummy said i left them onger, and also dug thriugh the bathroom bin and got all my others out lol, still no + so im confused too! but pink spotting must be a good sign!?

    thanks wispa, i think i will just keep ov testing til/if she shows image xxxx
  • Hey nice and amiee! Any luck on the opks yet? I used eBay cheapies last month butbi got frustrated with them and gave up! I think I may not have ovd though! Maybe try the cb ones if no luck this month? I have read they are better and you can get them cheaper off eBay?

    Also this month I am taking evening primrose/starflower and agnus castus in thevfirst half of my cycle until I (hopefully) ovulated as these stimulate ovulation apparently!

    I will keep you posted on how they work!
  • hiya bv, did u not get a + on ebays either? mmmmmm. makes me wonder, i always thoughti could feel when i ov i get bloated, my hips ache and have a few stabbing pains, every month, around cd19-20 had that this month, but still no + so now im worrying i have pcos or something? but befor ei jump the gun ur probs right to get some cb ones too and see?
  • oooooooooo update from *me*! just tested today (ov test) got another line! its as dark as control line, but very thin, do u think this is a +? im full of pma now coz even if its not a + it shoould get stronger *crosses fingers*
  • WOOOO congrats Mrs*me* lol ...think im gonna be as excited getting a + as i am a bfp as it means i havent missed it as i was starting to wonder! you've given me hope, lol at moment still have tiny bit pinky cm but no + yet. tested this morning, still need to test later but dont need a wee x good luck now u know yr still in with
  • oh and yes ive also been using the ebay cheapys! think im gonna need to order some more as been getting obssessed and sometimes doing 3 a day! lol! ill av run out before i x
  • ooh mrsme sounds good. Yay!
    Now get down to it! image
  • wooop! lol thanks robin image
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