im going mad!!!

hey ladies, im trying TTC after having a MC in april my period is due on the 16th ish! but its driving me mad not knowing im getting 2 the point know where i cant wait much longer im so desperate 2 be pregnant image i havent got any symptoms so keep trying 2 tell myself its not happened......but not everyone had any symptoms rite?
ooohhhhh its driving me insane!
just needed 2 get it off my chest lol


  • The 2ww is horrible isnt it! Sorry to hear about your mc xx
    You are right some ladies dont have any symptoms at all.
    Have you been tracking your temps or used opks at all?
  • hey jay, no not been doing any of that. oh and i decided we would just leave it happen without stessing bout it, easier 4 him than me! if its not happened in a few months we will use something 2 help concieve but as i had no probs before (i have 3 already) i was hoping it wud just happen. i just hate waiting, really thinking about going out and buying a early pregnancy test 2morrow!
    i think after having my MC im worried i wont get pregnant. and if i do im worried the same will happen again its a no win situation lol whatever happens i'll be worried!
  • The 2ww is just horridble ! Best advice I can give is keep pregnancy tests out of the house until you are late otherwise you'll end up like me and a pee on a stick addict !!!

    I think my af should be due a few days after you so I know how incredibly hard this time is !
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