in limbo

well hey everyone i got a BFP on weds last week and was not sure of the line was going to wait till this wed to test again well i started to spot on sun turned into bleeding just a little on monday by monday night it was heavey but have had no pains it carried on till this morning and its nearly all gone i phoned the fertility clinc they said to test when i stoped bleeding well i went to the hosptial yesterday with my LO as she is deaf and needed another hearing test and thought i would go and see some one well went to the gyne ward and i have a scan for next fri 28th may so fingers crossed its sticky


  • I've got everything crossed for you Hun, apart from my legs of course lol

    really wishing you a sticky bean...

  • I've got everything crossed for you Hun, apart from my legs of course lol

    really wishing you a sticky bean...

  • TY shirl i am excided and scared all at the same time
  • aww hope it goes well fingers crossed 2!!!!
  • TY jen good luck and will keep you ladies updated
  • keeping my fingers crossed for you hun. my 2nd son is deaf too, he had a hearing test done at hosp today too, know its irrevelant to this lol. just hope u get the news u want next week x
  • its ok i don't mind talking lol i do feel ok about if i have MC'ED

    well on the respect of my DD her hearing has gotten worse and needs to be retested in 3 months if its still the same then i have no idea what they are doing with her are you regerstered with NDCS not done anything yet with them but seem a really good charity

    thank you all for your lovely support
  • Fingers crossed for you, I know alot of people can have bleeding and still going on to have a healthy baby. :\)

  • i am hoping and i do feel excided but not holding out to much hope but still with in a chance

    i am so tired might go bed falling asleep at the keyboard lol does anyone know a trick to try and keep my mind off of the scan next week i do have something to look forward to getting an iphone next friday to so my scan is 10:40 am and then going to get my phone
  • Hi I am new on here but if its any reassurence I bled from 3-8 weeks with my last baby and kept having early scans to check all was fine,babes was fine and they couldnt seem to put the bleeding down to anything. Good Luck hun x
  • you have just gave me some hope hayley TY hun i do hope it hold on for this ride the reason i am having the scan next friday is i am olny 4 weeks and this fri would be 4+6 so i will be 5+6 next friday i still feel tired after going to bed early
  • hi i had an earaly bleed at 7 weeks in my lst pregnancy no pain just some red bleeding which only lasted an hour. had an early scan a few days later and little man was fine. he is now turing 1 next month x
  • i am hoping with all my heart that this is a sticky bean thank you all for the hope that you have given me and don't worry thats all we need is hope or the world would not be where it is today
  • With my first pg I had an af, and two bleeds; the first one was at what I thought was 11 weeks (but turned out to be 13) and they rushed me for a scan, as was having horrible cramps - very painful. He was fine and no sign of where blood was coming from. Had another bleed & rushed to a&e as heavier and cramps again at 15 weeks, but again was fine - though they could see where the blood had come from this time which was scary!

    But lo is now 18 months old, so even if you bleed & have pain it doesn't always mean a mc. Just focus on getting the iphone - I'm jealous!
    Sleep as much as you can hon, I'm exhausted but lo is teething so no rest here!

    Fingers are crossed hon xxx
  • aww thank you for your kind words i have stopped bleeding red blood now its just brown i feel really tired i have no idea why

    i can not wait till i have my iphone lol i don't like many phones but this one is a must have lol
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