ok, does anyone know when in the levels of fertility EWCM appears. I just got the first bit tonight (sorry TMI!!) but I won't see my OH till friday night, do you think thats too late? I do! but then I suppose if EWCM occurs just before OV then I may have a chance!?

Also what CD does this normally appear on? this is my first proper cycle since off the pill and i haven't had OV pain, which is normally excruciating when I'm not on the pill!


  • GET BD!!!! EWCM is the 1st signs of OV!! OV lasts around 5 days, and I believe you can PG before, during and after!! Friday could well be ok!!

    CD depends on the length of your cycle - it is usually around 14 days BEFORE the start of your next cycle / day AF arrives
  • Ov is usually 14 days before af, if a 28 day cycle. EWCM will be before that. xx
  • That's what I meant! well done mithical - you translated my blabbering!! lol!!
  • so would i divide the cycle time by 2 as to the number of days after ov do you think, eg. if ov on 28 day cycle then af after 14 days, or if ov on 30 day cycle af after 15 days??

    I really hope that EWCM happens before OV as increases chance for friday!!
  • You need to count 14 days back from when your AF is due to arrive. if 28 days then day 14 would be OV, on 30 day it would be day 16, if 40 days then day 28 is OV day etc etc.

    EWCM IS before OV!! Friday is looking good!!
  • It isn't always 14 days though - I believe it can range from 10 - 16?? So it is best to BD all around that time if you can just to make sure enough is ready and waiting for the right time!!
  • we will just do it all the time!!!! fun eh?! :lol: image :lol:
  • exactly - any excuse!!
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