short luteal phase anyone?

anyone have a short period of time from ovulation to period? i think mine may sometimes be less than the reccommended 10 days so i mentioned it to the doc today who said i could have a progesterone test about day 19. I bought some vit B6 too and feel like am doing something positive. Think cycles can't be defective as have a two year old child!!
Ps cd 2 today


  • Hey hun, I have a short luteal hase unfortunately - it's such a pain!!! I tried B6 for 3 months and it didn't work for me, but I've read loads of positive stories about it from other ladies so fingers crossed it does the trick for you. I've been seeing a doctor to see what is causing mine, hoping to get the results in a week or two at the end of this cycle - but like you say you already have a lo so hopefully yours will sort itself out seeing as it obviously worked fine before!!! Good luck : ) .x.
  • I had a short LT phase and managed to get my BFP. I also might be wrong but I think I read somewhere that a B vitamin complex is better than just a B6 vitamin, could be making that up though lol

    Good luck xx
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