Confused - CM question....

Well I am soooo confused. Today I have had EWCM for the 3RD time this cycle?! Only one big lot, which is the same as has happened on the 2 previous occasions!! I also still have mild low AF type pains and aches around the tops of my legs which I have had since 1st lot of EWCM!

Last cycle was 40 days and I am today on CD36. I had EWCM on the following:

CD 14 - 16

Any got any ideas?:\?


  • Is there any chance you could be confusing it with leftover sperm? That looks a lot like ewcm.
  • That did run through my head - but I don't know how long it is before it could come out? Sorry TMI - but it was really thick and sticky - more like glue texture? Unless I am really confused and it isn't EWCM at all!! lol!! Which is quite possible!
  • I think left over spermys should be out within 24 hours, shouldn't they??!

    Did you not post the thread about ov'ing more than once in a month?? xx
  • Yeah - but it was only supposed to be a couple of times and I thought it wouldn't be this close to my possible AF day?! Who knows tho!!

    I thought 24hrs was about right - and if so it is not that!! lol!!
  • Some ov'd 3 times hun. You never know! I do wonder what happens to the LP though...xx
  • Exactly!! That is why it is very confusing!! Oh well - Maybe I won't look into it to much and see what happens! I may know in 3 days anyway!! lol!!
  • Fingers crossed! xx
  • Zita West's book says if you bd at night the spermies should be gone by about midday the next day. x
  • hmm tricky one! sounds a bit like left over spermies but maybe it isn't if it is more than 24hrs.
    i did have more cm than usual when i got bfp so fingers crossed for you!
  • From the above it is DEFINITELY not left over spermies!! Not unless they last 72hrs - lol!! Thanks for all the ideas tho guys xx
  • Don't mean to get your hopes up, but I've been pg twice (both ended in mc sadly) and both times I had this sort of clear rubbery cm...
    Oooh good luck hun, hope you get your BFP!! xx
  • Oh no, if it's 72 hours then def not spermies. Ooooo - maybe you have ov'd 3 times and will have triplets!

    Like Mrs_e I had lots of cm between ov and my bfp. Sometimes quite thick. So could be a good sign. Fingers crossed.
  • Thanks guys. Hopefully I shall find out soon one way or the other!! Twins run down both sides of my family!! lolxx
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