I dont know what i want from this lol i just wanna rant!!!

AF has turned up about 20 days early, i am not saying i am not grateful for her giving me a 28 day cycle for the first time in my entire life but the pain is unbearable and the bleeding. (TMI) OMG i feel like a waterfall is coming out of me, i am going to the toilet every half hour to check incase i am leaking.

I dont want to moan about AF because i know she helps me to TTC for another month but why does she have to be soooo nasty.

My mum said it is my body clearing all the gunk out - sounds lovely doesnt it!!!

Thank you for reading my rant

:cry: Tink xx


  • hi hun, sorry your in so much pain, i get a really bad one every few months, maybe you mum right, hopefully it will make your cycle more
  • My last AF was awful!!!!! I like you had to keep checking for leaks and sorry tmi, one day at work i had bled so much i had to go buy more knickers as i had to throw the other away!!!! I was mortified, Im hoping if the witch doesn't get me next time, that it is never as bad as that....but it did really slow down after the first couple of days Hope you feel better soon xx
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