Sorry this is a really daft question BUT is it ok to take paracetemol whilst ttc? I am just worried that if by some miracle i had conceived already that paracetemol things lthat are needed to hold a fertilised bean in. Place. Sorry this is such a stoopid questiion -it has been a long


  • I don't think it's a stupid question.. I don't know the answer though! Since TTC I haven't taken anything medicinal apart from prescription stuff as I have no idea what you can or can't take and don't want to risk it!
  • paracetamol is perfectly safe, painkillers to be careful of when pregnant are NSAIDS like brufen and voltarol, and opiods like codine and tramadol x
  • Its fine to take a couple of paracetamol whilst ttc or during pregnancy!
    Hope you get your BFP, good luck xx
  • Aw thanks ladies-much appreciated. Just wanted to double check.xxxx
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