implantation or AF????

I'm so confused, i had a MMC in may and have had 2 normal periods since.

I had such a good feeling about this month, now i'm not so sure

My AF in due on thursday, its very rarely early, either late or on time

BUT, this morning i wiped after having a wee i had pink/brown discharge/blood

did test but it was negative



  • hello

    if it is implantation it should take about 2 days to show up as a +, hopefully it is implantation and that its a nice sticky bean getting very comfy x

    PP x
  • I'm the same, due AF on Wednesday but went to the loo before and saw a smidge of blood in a clear discharge (TMI i know sorry), do you think that this could be implantation bleed? Or just AF starting early and in a perculiar way! I'm just so desperate for a BFP! So a 2 day wait for AF or +ve test EEEKKK!
  • hope it is a good sign for both of you x
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