Fed Up

I'm stuck in work today I'm tired and would pay a large sum of money ( if I actually had any) to go home and curl up on the Sofa!

AF is here the now too, it's making me feel ill and cold it's not good need someone to cheer me up? Anyone got any good jokes or funny stories.


  • ah bless u! i am feeling like that too - although i have a 13mth old little man to look after when i finish!

    um....something funny - my partner (in his sleep) last night grabbed my hand and thought it was a seatbelt and proceeded to try and plug it in (in to what I don't know!!)

    Hope it made u smile

  • hahhahaha made me smile anyways! hugs to wanabamama! how about buying a nice bar of choccy? always works for me!

    funny story: last week i bought my cat a new cat flap, one of them magnetic ones, so only he can get into the flap with a special magnet thing thata attaches to his collar. so the day we got it, we put on his new magnetic collar thingy, he was quite pleased with himslef running around with his new blue dimate collar, then me and hubs heard this massive crash, he had walked ocross the sink and got himself stuck to the draining borad (the magnet was super strong) and he had knocked everything off the draining board and couldnt move! hahahaha, im still giggling now! lol x
  • PMSL ok girls thanks I now have tears of laughter and people in work are looking at me as though I'm crazy!!!!! Thanks that did cheer me up
  • haha - animals do the funniest things hey!
  • :lol::lol::lol:

    MrsMe that is frickin hilarious!! I'm actually crying with laughter!!

    Why can't i think of any funny stories?!
  • Hi.

    I so kno that feeling huni..CD4 nowimage

    Anyway, i thought it was very funny to see my 3 & a half year old painting my OH toenails when he was having a snooze...bright pink!! just to cheer my oh up even more, we had no remover lol!! Hope this helps a little bit?

  • hhahaha i no! it was well funny! he has also got hiself stuck to a tea spoon, and was dragging that around with him too lol. glad to of put a smile on ur face image

    lol liannemg, giggles, bet he wasnt too pleased! haha cute x
  • Ohhh MrsMe i can just see it! HAHAHAHA!!!

  • haha i have a pic of him with the spoon attached on my phone aswell, no clue how to get it onto the pc tho, got no lead, dammit x
  • OMG Amiee that is so funny that has well made me laugh lol xxxx
  • I have just found this thread and i I am LMAO!
    Mrs me that is sooo funny!
    CD2 here on my own, but smiling image
  • lmao that defo cheered my day up lol thanx x
  • hahahaha keri-anne! i just burst out laughing in my office lmao, everyones looking at me funny! bha ha!
  • Keri-Anne that's so funny - I used to be a sleep walker when I was younger but thankfully I don't now Lol

    Feeling a lot better today - AF is just about away so it's nearly time so start another bd marathon Lol
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