Cb digital ovulation test help please!

Hey everyone,

This is our first month ttc and I'm using the clearblue digital ovulation testing sticks, i have some questions and thought you ladies might be able to help!

Ive only had a couple of cycles since coming off the pill but I was only on it for just under a year. My last cycle was 27 days so I'm making a bit of an assumption that it will be the same this time.

Im on cd12 (it's been very handy having a cd that coincides with the date at the moment!) and I started using the sticks at cd9, I still haven't had my smiley face and I guess I was just expecting it by now, based on a 27 day cycle i think I should ov on the 14th.

How have ppl found the sticks, how long before ov have you had your smiley face?

Also, what time of day have you tested?

We have actually bd every day since Saturday so I'm not worried about having missed it but I want to at least know im working properly!

Would much appreciate any help anyone can give!

K xx


  • Hi Mrs KP

    I've been using cheap OV sticks and had no success last month so i've bought the cb ones. I haven't started using them yet, have to wait until sunday CD10. My cycle has also been 27 days but last month 28 days.

    The advice that i was given was to not drink anything for 4 hours before to try and concentrate your urine and test later on in the day not in the morning.

    I was just drinking normally when i was testing last time so i'm hoping if i try not and drink 2 much before testing that i might have some success. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Sorry if i wasn't much help.
  • Hiya
    Sorry I cant be of any help really because I have never used these but I had heard others say that they realised they didnt ovulate until as late as CD20?

    Keep us posted about how you get on as I was thinking of buying one of those! Sorry if you feel like a guinea pig!
  • Hi there

    When I used them I also used the ov calculator from gurgle.com, and started tested on the first day they said I was fertile. I used fmu, as from memory I think they say to do that. I got a smiley face on the first day I used them - think I have the opposite problem in that I ov slightly earlier that I would ideally like in my cycle.

    I was only testing once a day but I read on the interweb recently that you should test twice a day - once in the morning and once in the evening, to give you a higher chance of catching when you ov.


  • Hello,

    Sorry im gatecrashing but I used these for the month we fell.

    Like you I had a cycle of 27/28 days but didnt OV until CD18 so a lot late than the 'average' you read.

    I used to POAS with FMU and we were foruntae enough to fall 1st month with these.

    Good Luck x
  • There is 20% off at Boots on these too atm! I dont work for them just been eyeing them up! lol
  • Thanks for your replies so far.

    My main concern is that they won't show my ov up and we will miss it.

    How normal is it for ov to be so late? I've always been fairly regular with my cycles. I'm a little concerned now that I won't ov until next week sometime!

    How long before ovulating did you get your smiley, or are you not sure?

    Also, if you ov late, surely that adds extra time to your cycle as you generally get af 2 weeks after ov?

    Sorry for all the questions!!

    K xx
  • Hi there

    We used the clearblue digital tests last year when we were trying and I found we didn't get a smiley face until day 16/17, t ry not to be too stressed about it, we made fun of it and I shouted to my hubby "it's smiley face day" and we just had a bit of fun. It worked we only used the test for one month. We now have a healthy happy 9 and half month old baby.

    Good luck
  • Did you just test in the morning elaine?

    Congratulations, that's lovely to hear image

  • Hi!

    I used CBD OPKs for a couple of months before I started temping and like u had a fairly regular cycle of 30ish days... I didn't get my smiley face until about CD18 most months... sometimes even later.

    Good luck!


  • Hey

    If you don't get it until that late then are you not fertile until then?

    Also, will it not affect cycle length?

    Thanks! X
  • Do you monitor you CM?

    When you have EWCM then you are considered to be in your fertile stage... sperm can live for up to 5 days in fertile CM so if I OV on CD18 and have EWCM for the 5 days previous... your fertile period is anything from CD13 to CD18 possibly 19 if the egg is still alive.

    Best bet is to just get as much BD in as possible approaching your OV date.... I monitor this with my temps so I know once my temps have shifted we can stop going at it like rabbits!

    I have a regular luteal phase (the stage after ov until next AF) of 11 days... a bit shorter than normal... so ovulating on CD18 would and an 11 day LP would give me a 29day cycle.

    You OPK will give you a good indicator of when you ovulate but it does just highlight your LH surge and not the fact that u have actually ovulated. However it is more than likely...

    U ovulate after your surge within 24-48 hours... so if you get your smiley on CD 14... keep BD'ing until CD17 to cover the bases...

    Hope that helps xxx
  • Thanks that's useful, I didn't realise how confusing this all was!

    We have been bding every day for the past 5 days - would it do more harm than good to continue? Reports seem very mixed about whether it is effective. Admittedly we will probably skip the odd day.

    I haven't had much luck in checking cm, I can't really tell the difference to be honest!

  • Perhaps you could give DH a day off this will help his swimmers replenish... Obviously the more there is the better chance u have of one of them getting there...

    We tend to BD every other day unless I get a positive OPK on the day off... we'll BD then too, and then the following day until my temps have shifted.

    Don't take my word as gospel though! I'm still TTC!!!

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