Test Results!

Hey girls,

Quick post - I'm supposed to be getting ready!!!

Just to let you know day 28 test results - still at level 3!

I haven't ovulated this month - so not sure what all those symptoms were about!

Anyway - my doc said I have to wait until day 42 - or unless af arrives first! Then I can start to take 100mg clomid.

So I have 11 days to wait! (unless af arrives)

Right I'm off to get drunk and watch Sex and the City - whoohoo!!!



  • I am a wee bit dense im afraid, is level 3 good or bad? (Im kinda thinking it may be bad as you say you have not ov?) What are they testing for? And day 42?! How long is your cycle? image !

    Good news about starting the clomid tho, have heard good things about that stuff! How long have you been ttc hun?

    Enjoy your alcohol and SATC! (I must be the only sad-sack on here who has not seen it!) xx

  • Hope af arrives then you can start the clomid. Hope you enjoy your evening!!( no bb4 I havent seen it and will have to wait for it to be on dvd!!!)xx
  • Thanks Ladies,

    BB4 - my average cycle is 125 days - hence the clomid!!!

    Progesterone levels is what they are testing for to see if I've ovulated.

    SATC - was GREAT!!!!! GO SEE IT RIGHT NOW!!!!

    I have now start watching the series from the begining as I have the whole 6 series! Whooohooo!!!

  • Thats got to be better than the whole day of fireman sam that we're watching!!!
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