she's on her way :cry:


am now on CD27, due AF on friday, was getting a tiny bit excited due to my symptoms and them being fairly similar to april when i got bfp but went to loo earlier and when i wiped there was a bit of pink and it's been like that each time i've checked.

sooo disappointed. was feeling really positive all month, first proper month ttc since mmc. so now i guess i have to wait for full flow then i'll add myself to August test list and hope for a special birthday present.

**off to hide in a corner and cry**

sorry for being so down!!

babydust to all xxxx


  • sorry she found you hunxx it seems like there is no where to hide from the old hag
  • I know how you are feeling had the same last week was convinced we might have done it as we had bd nearly every night the week of my ov, but alas she reared her ugly head on cd16 no less, meaning did'nt even ov. It's sooo dissappointing but you just have to renew your pma ready for august when hopefully you will get you bfp.
    sending you lots of PMA and baby dust. xxx
  • thanks girls image

    phoned hubby to tell him and he says i have to relax more next month and not get so worked up/excited about it all and it will all happen when we least expect it etc etc.

    so now i'm even more worked up!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh what a cow!!!! Hunny, im so sorry to read that, i know how u feel....waiting for bfp after a mc is torture, i really, really, really hope august is the month for you xxxxxxx :\)
  • Oh no, only just seen this. Poo to that old cow :x
  • Its not over yet hun so hang on in there! The pinky discharge could be implantation, im still keeping everything crossed for you. xxxx
  • Yes I'm with debbie, please don't lose all that PMA yet! I had spotting at 4, 8 and 12 weeks last time and went on to have a healthy pregnancy. Did you leave it one cycle after mc before trying again?

  • thanks image

    part of me wants to think it is implantation but i don't think it is. guess i'll see over the next 24 hours.

    lisa marie - after erpc we "weren't careful" a couple of times but not ttc properly, then had AF and started ttc properly this cycle

    babydust to all xxx
  • Aww man, thats really rubbish! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you that it is implantation bleeding though and not af.

    Sending loads of PMA your way, Caroline xxx
  • hopefully it is implantation rather than AF - it isn't over yet so keep up your PMA. Fingers crossed xx
  • PMA to us all for August.
  • well said popsicle. i second that. feeling a bit better now - AF is on her way i have accepted it, so i am looking towards August now. I WILL get my sticky healthy BFP in August - hope you all do as well, lots of babydust to all xxx
  • so sorry she found you hun. the article on here says that august is officially baby making month. hope you get bfp
  • oh honey sorry to hear she on route, but as they say its not over till she's in full flow so u never know. Either way best of luck for next month keep up the PMA!!!!
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