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Hi all

Havent posted for a while but have a dilemma as to whether I might have ov or not as last sun I had stretchy cm (is this ewcm) or pre ov cm?

So we BD sun, mon, tues, wed, this week have felt dry again but then yesterday I had that wetness (sorry tmi) you know like af is here so am wondering if am due to ov this weekend.

Now the dilemma is hubby has a SA booked for Mon so we havent been able to carry on BD so now I think if I ov this weekend I would only have wed night swimmers to back me up!!

But hubby has to abstain a min of 2 days and maximum of 6 so can we BD today or not? he was too tired to bd last night and i was a bit miffed with him to be honest but it was late at night.

We have decided to go back to using OPK's as for last 2 months we havent used any in a bid to try and relax a bit more but not using them is stressing me out more as I have long cycles anywhere between 35-44 days so I cant keep on guessing.

After the chem last month I just really want it to be good news this month, I also find it hard to bounce back every month when I get AF!!



  • Hi hun,

    I would BD tbh. The whole point of the tests is to try and get you pregnant and that's not gonna happen if you don't bd when you ov! I think come Monday he'll have enough to do a SA on!

    I have long cycles to which is really frustrating isn't it?!

    I used a cbfm this month and got no peaks and then back to lows on cd25 so i have no idea when i ov'd so i may have to start using opk's.
    Do you get yours off ebay?

    I had a mc and when you have that time that you're pg it makes ttc all the more intense i think! Like you keep thinking i would have been this far along now... image I expect you feel similar about your chemical!

    Bloody sucks!!

    Good luck though hun!
  • Thanks hun just if we bd too much he wont get an accurate reading.

    I do get my opks/hpts off ebay now but learnt the hard way and spent a fortune on tests.

    Last month was really hard not getting any acknowledgment of the docs, they only tested my urine and not my blood, my boobs have been constantly sore since and have had vast amounts of cm all through my cycle so i kept on testing after the chemical once a week every friday just incase i was still preg but i wasnt but because i still had symptoms in my head I was iyswim??

    Its horrible so sorry about your mc hun, I fear the same will happen this month and with long cycles and not knowing exactly when i ov same thing could happen again.

    I have been told to wait a week past my longest cycle which was 44 days and then test if no AF.

    Feels like a lifetime away tho eh, I need to distract myself but I dont feel very hopeful this month to be honest.

    Good luck to you too hun image

  • Hi hon, G/C but saw your post - my hubby had testicular cancer several years ago so had to undergo SA to see if he was fertile (they told us we'd most likely need IVF, haha!!) Anyway, you have to abstain for an absolute minimum of 48 hours. It cant be any less or it ruins the test.

    I know its frustrating when you might be ov'ing, but you absolutely shouldn't do it tonight if he's having the tests monday - it will screw with the results.

    Sorry that wasn't better news... when hubby was having his sperm frozen to undergo the chemo he was told to abstain for minimum2 days, but he didn't, and did it within the 48 hours. They came back with the results and said he was pretty much infertile anyway so did he really want his sperm frozen?! He had to admit he'd been naughty so they could redo the test, and although he had a low count it was enough to freeze, so it really does make a difference.

    Good luck hon xxx
  • Oh maybe not then! Sorry i have no experience of SA so probs best to take Garfield's advice!

    I know what you mean about waiting. When you're not sure when AF is due you don't know if you're testing early or late or what!

    Your doctor sounds as sympathetic as mine! Keeps telling me to relax blah blah blah. The last time he told me to "just enjoy sex" which was cringey lol!

    I hope you get a sticky beanie very very soon!
  • Hi Garfield

    Yeah we decided against it in the end even tho I think I am ov cry and we last bd on wed so think wouldnt have much of a chance this month.

    I dont want hubby to have to go for re-tests so we abstained and it will have been 5 days when he goes for his SA so we should get some results.

    Fingers crossed lady2188 that we both get super sticky beans next time

  • Hi SD, I think you did the right hting not bding - you want the sa results to be as accurate as poss.
    I have posted on our 6+thread earlier to say my hubs has to go for SA. Do you have to take it in within an hour? How do you know they will be able to test it straight away?I have visions of us rushing it in and there being a big queue of men with their samples! Have you already found out where to take it?? Are you panicking about getting it there in time? x
  • Hi Samsa

    My hubby rang up haematology department at our hospital thinking he could just go up within half an hour only to be told it had to be booked in.

    I would check you get a form with details on and a bottle for hubs SA, you have to do it within 30 mins we got told but an hour is probably fine too.

    The bottle has to be kept at body temperature so just held in your hands or hubbys all the way to the lab, they test it there and then yes and results are back within 3 days. We should get our results back before friday however hubby has to collect a report for my dr and then we both need to have a meeting with my dr after I have my last CD35 bloods done so in a few weeks time.

    Hubby has decided to do the sample at home, I will be at work so he is takin it there himself, he feels a bit embarassed but I told him thats part and parcel of wanting to have a baby. I have been checked out so why shouldnt he, its only fair anyway he understands how important it is now.

    We will be back to BD mon night just incase!!

    Good luck with your hubbys SA, anymore questions just ask me on 6+ thread.

  • We were told 30minutes as well as otherwise it cools too much and the sperm start to die. The hospital was a 40 minute drive away from us so we took the bottle and hubby did the deed in the hospital toilets!! Not very nice I know, but it was the only way we could guarantee that it was there on time.

    Our results took a week, but only because they were sent to his cancer hospital as well so they could see how he was getting on. They knew I would have problems conceiving & keeping a baby and so we were sent straight to fertility clinic and IVF was described. Was not as nice as I thought it would be!!

    Sorry, slightly off topic there....
  • Good luck for your results Sparkling Diamond x
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