Should I test? - Advic from you lovely ladies

Hi Ladies,

Just looking for your opions please.

Due to 'mymonthlycycles' I was due to ovulate on 29th Oct (last AF 14th Oct). Got watery CM and positive OPK on the 29th - so this would this I am due to ovulate within 24-48 hours? we BD, I think on the 26th or 27th and again on the 31st. AF is due today, but I've not had any of my usual signs (heavy boobs the main one).

I'm not one to ss, but I've been quiet at work and for the past week I've had a dull ache and a couple of twinges in my womb area - feeling like AF is due (which I only usually get on the actual day AF arrives) and on Tuesday, I just couldn't stop crying - full on sobbing for no reason.

I've done a couple of Amazon HPK's, but I know they were done too early, but I do have a couple of Superdrugs tests.

So ladies - if AF doesn't come tonight - should I test tomorrow morning or leave it till Sunday?

Cheers, :\)



  • test test test !!! omg i wouldnt be able to wait! good luck!! xxx

  • Personally I would test too coz I'm impatient!!! That means you're 14dpo so you've waited a good amount of time...although obviously if you can wait longer that means you're more likely to get a good strong result. If it was me I would test tomorrow morning with fmu though as I wouldn't be able to wait any longer. Good luck!!! Keep us updated : ) .x.
  • Test - I waited one day after af was due and that was hard enough - TEST in the morning!
  • I am no help i would test to..... :lol: :lol:

    Good Luck Hope it's your BFP xxxxx

  • Thanks ladies,

    I think I'm a bit scared to test with a decent HPK's in case it is positive or negative! It's always alright with the cheapies as I never expect anything but a negative. I wouldn't have occurred that I even could have caught if it wasn't for my bloody MIL and her 'psychic'! saying that someone close to her is pregnant and doesn't know it - I don't even believe in psychics!!

    I'm still a little unsure if AF will come, as it's all I've felt like all week although I've started to get a bit of back ache now (although I've been sat cross-legged in my office chair so the bad posture probably isn't helping!) I'm off to the gym tonight - so if AF is imminent - hopefully it'll jog it along a bit and put me out of my misery.

    I'll test in the morning if no sign...

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  • keep us updated! pma ! xx

  • I wouldn't be able to wait any longer, I'm so impatient. Good luck xxx
  • Test, test, test!!!

    I too ovulated on 29th Oct we bd 27th and was due af today. I have been having af type cramps since yesterday morning and slight backache, even ran to the loo a few times today convinced I had started my period, but done a test after work and got a BFP!!!

    Don't give up hope, there is a good chance you are pregnant.

    Good luck!

  • hi hun, hope you get your bfp in the morning, i'm feeling like AF is comin but mayse has just giveme so pma! hope its good news for you, will look out for you in the morning, xxx
  • Hey there Ladies,

    Just to let you know AF came this morning - no biggy, at least I can carry on losing weight for another month and I know my bodie's ready for another bash.

    Congratulations Mayse - I'm so excited for you and fingers crossed for everyone else!
  • Hi arls, sorry to hear that she came xxx
    Mayse, congratulations! x
  • Sorry to hear she got you! Maybe Santa will bring you a Bump next month (as long as you've been a good girl! lol)
  • owww, chin up and keep trying! x
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