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Ive finally ovulated!!!

Just had to share this news with you all!!

I have been tracking my bbt since my last period and i was trying to use OPK but got so many negatives i actually lost hope and i had resigned myself to the fact i have not ovulated this month. Put my temp into my fertility friend chart today and hey presto! It says i am 3 dpo!!!!!!
I know it seems silly to get exited about this but when your not sure if you are ovulating for it to show up at all is a huge relief. I ovulated on day 22 though so it's quite a late ovulation but it's better than nothing.

Only thing is and this might be tmi but the mr and i bd the two days before ovulation and three times on the day of ovulation BUT i wasn't doing the whole legs in the air, lay still for 20mins and a couple of times i went to the toilet straight after because i simply thought i wasn't ovulating!

Sooo although we have bd at the right time i don't think it will have done the job unless the mr has extremely strong swimmers! But the fact ive ovulated is good enough for me this month!!!

How is everyone else getting on? Anyone else 3dpo??



  • aww good job chick as you said at least you feel happy that you have ov'd and that you are oving

    with the opk thing on my first run of cbfm i had 12 highs before i got a peak and my peak was on cd21 and 2nd cd22 of a 31 day (normal) cycle so it gave me a 10 day LP with this turn of the cbfm i got my peak on cd16 giving me a 15 day LP,has confused me lol but so uit may be possible for you to at a different time next month

    fingers crossed MR TIL's spermies are extra strong xx

    ps 3 times on the day of ov.....lucky woman lol
  • Hi there
    Congrats on the ov. I just wanted to say re the positions etc is that I really think if it is the right time it is the right time.
    I got preg in Jan (MC in April sadly) but still when I got BFP I honestly had not thought I would because just off pill and had used KY, been to loo, not had legs in air (didn't even know about that back then) and still worked. I think the fact you weren't overly focusing on it might be a good thing anyway so you never know.
    Fingers crossed

  • Mrs TIL,

    I just wanted to say I have two kids and I have never done the legs in the air thing! I also always go to the loo after bd' although I'm sure it helps some people- it didn't do me any harm not to do it!

    Congrats on your ov and good luck hun

  • hi hun, congratulations on ov. i usually ov around day 22-24 but i ov early this month. i am 4dpo but i think we have been advised to test saem day (i anwsered other post). so looks like we in this 2ww
  • Thanks girlies!

    Yay i have a 2ww buddy! lol! Funny how exited i am but it's great! PMA lol!

    Grudie regarding the 3 times thing i don't know what happened that day i think the mr thought all his christmases had come at once haha! They say when you ovulate you are more 'up for it' so maybe thats what it was!

    Dafodilly i'm sorry to hear about your mc huni, been through it myself and it's an awful awful experiance, fingers crossed you get your BFP soon!

    Charlie Chalk thanks hun! The first time i got pregnant i didn't do any of that stuff either so i'm maybe over worrying but we shall soon see!!!

    Angel100 how are you feeling? I have cramps today and backache i know it's too early to SS but thats how i feel lol xxx

  • hi hun, i know what you mean about feeling up for Trying not to ss but it really not happening. my boobs are sore today and getting niggles in my side but trying not to read into it too much as i have had this with both preg and af. this ttc lark is bloody confusing. im off out tonight and all my family are expecting us with news all the time. everytime i say i am ill my fil looks at me so i am going to order one glass of wine and nurse
  • Hurrah!

    And....three times in one DAY? You love machine, you....
  • Hurrah!

    And....three times in one DAY? You love machine, you....

    :lol::lol::lol: "I'm just a love machine, feeding my fantasty give me a ;\) or three" haha!

    Ah angel100! We have refrained from telling anyone we are ttc except my mum, i think it would be too much pressure! You enjoy your night out tonight hun and yep one glass and nurse it maybe just what you need!

  • Hi MrsTIL - I know the feeling (or at least I hope I do) - I'm not doing any bbt or opk etc, came off pill end of May, and have def noticed a changes in CM this week, last week was quite dry, then it got a bit lumpy (sorry tmi) and then for the last couple of days its been slippy, lots of it and a bit stretchy! Hooray!!!!!

    Also agree with the 'up for it more when you OV' theory - if you think of the theories on nature etc, it makes sense that when OV you want more BD doesn't it?! True for me anyhow (fingers crossed I am OV otherwise all this is rubbish!!)

    T xxx
  • hi hun, liked your idea on other post but thought id just do one reply as its getting Yeah really have to order the glass coz i know (coz it all family and friends) the rumour would

    fergy i think it is natures way of making you bd i also find i enjoy it so much more then Fingers crossed with the ov. hopefully it be bfp for us
  • Hi Fergie!
    Fingers crossed for you too hun! I'm enjoying charting and i'm finding the whole thing fascinating! It's actually quite fun once you get the hang of it! You should try Fertility Friend, it's free for the basic membership but if you want the VIP areas it costs but it's hardly anything at all. ??10 for 3 months and there are LOADS of things to help etc. Its made me feel far more in charge of my fertility. Good luck hun it would be awesome if we got our BFP together!

    LOL Angel it was getting confusing! Glad you liked the idea i would love to do that for the mr shall see what happens! And i know what you mean about enjoying it more!

  • what glass?!? I don't know what you're talking about?!

    Thanks MrsTIL, so far I'm trying to resist doing too much - I have a very addictive personality when it comes to all things online, so the longer I hold off the better! Am sure if I don't get BFP for a while then I'll be on like a shot!

    So you're 3 DPO now? I reckon I may be only 1, or even 1 day pre OV. You got a date in mind to test yet?

    T xxx
  • LOL Fergie probably best to stay away for a wee bit then lol!! I'm testing on the 14th. FF tells you when to do it lol! Seems agesss away! Dont know how i will hold out! Ahhhh if i start being sick though i may test early, we shall see! I'm deffo gonna try not too! xxxx
  • cool, right then, have decided to be your buddy (if thats ok with you?!) and wait to test til 14th (unless AF gets me before......).


    image xx
  • ooh w all be testing 14th then.

    fergy "glass" i was referring to the glass of wine i need to order tonight not to give my ttc away. Family are always kinda expecting it from me but since im on my 2ww i dont want to be having loads so going to nurse the one glass.
  • Of course fergie!! Deal indeed so that's three of us! Woop! Excited! xxx
  • cool - are your email alerts working? I want to get updates on you guys but only ever get email alerts on thread's that I start myself....
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