Back from holiday

Hi, got back from 2 weeks holiday on saturday where we got engaged :\)
Am due my period today but it's not arrived yet. I've tested and got a BFN though so I'm sure it's only a matter of time before AF arrives. Had some cramps on saturday which made me certain AF was coming but had no other signs since so I'm a bit confused.
Hope everyone is well.


  • Congratulations on your engagement! What lovely news image
    Hope you get your BFP too - wouldn't that be the icing on the cake?!!
  • Wow congrats honey have you set a date yet?

    k xx
  • congrats honey!!

    that would have made it a special holiday!!!
  • Thanks all. We've not set a date yet as I don't want to get married while pregnant, or the couple of months after, so it really depends on how soon we get that BFP!
    I'm certain I'm not pregnant yet but hopefully my AF will be here soon and I'll be in a good natural cycle for next month.
  • Congratulations!!!Hope af (or better still bfp)arrive for you soon!!xxx
  • Thank you. Have you managed to try again this month? When I left you weren't sure if your donor would be around.
  • Congratulations Kate. xx
  • Congratulations!! Hope you get the double whammy!!

  • Congrats on your engagement xxx
  • Hi Kate, many congratulations on your engagement!! That's wonderful news!!!

    I remember we were going away at the same time ish and testing at the same time ish. Well, my af was two days late and I was poas like a maniac but still BFN - AF found me on Sunday. Bitch! I hope you have a better result than me.

  • aww how lovely. congratulations on the engagment. hope you get your bfp soon. i finish my pill in a coupe of weeks so i will officially be ttc. getting excited now. xx
  • Hi MrsHopeful. I a on CD29 today and got a BFN on saturday night (CD26). I'll test again if I still haven't got AF by friday, although I feel pre-menstrual so I'm convinced I' won't have done it this month.
    Good luck for next month though.
  • Congratulations on your engagement fab news and good luck with the BFP.
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