Ovary pain and other symptoms (cysts?)

Hi Ladies,

Just wanted to know what this pain might be.

I am not 100% sure when I actually ov this month, but I think I am due on in a few days, as I have slight AF cramps - in amongst some very painful ovaries. Its been going on about 4 or 5 days now, they feel like someone is pinching them and its both, on and off. Its a weird pain I have never had before and just wonder what it could be.

I have googled and of course, scared myself - could it be ovarian cysts? Shoud I go to docs? Its not intense pain (although it was last thursday!) its just like a little pinching uncomfortable pain...



  • Hi

    Didn't wanna just R&R. I'm not sure about the pain you are getting, but I normally get cramping in ovaries, stitching in side when I am about to OV. Perhaps it could be this? But if you are really concerned I would go and see the docs, at least to put your mind at rest!

    All the best x
  • Hey im GC from DIJ. I suffer from cysts alot and i would recomend you see a DR. Are you having more pain in one side or is it both If you are going to be ovulating soon ish then you could be producing a cyst. Thats what use to happen to me every month. I hope you are not feeling to bad and the pain goes away soon for you.
    Hope you dont mind the GC. XX
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