I'm back for round two!

Hi Peeps - long time no see!

But for those who do remember me...

I've not been around for some time - but it's just because I get sad and think I don't fit in much - what with not having regular cycles and not oving - it's just the whole thing really - I am seeing babies and bumps everywhere I turn! Whilst I'm happy for people I'm very jealous and want one of my own - why is it I'm not allowed!!!

But I'm trying to have PMA - and I'll pop in when I can.

To bring you up to date I'm on round two of clomid now (so on day 3) - and double the dose! So will be able to tell if it make me ov in about 20-28 days after the next set of bloods!

Take care all - and any gossip???



  • Welcome back mummywannabe!! It's nice to see you again!!
  • Hello my lovely lady!!! Glad your feeling more positive hunny!!! Lots of babydust to u for this month, goodluck!!! xxxx
  • Good luck mummywannabe. Keep us posted.
  • Welcome back!!!Hope round 2 is sucessful for you!xxxx
  • Thanks ladies! You lot are great!
    Babydust to you all!
  • hi hun ,welcome back! good to hear from u! dont worry there are still some of us "oldies" hanging around here (against our will lol) i cant wait tilll we finally get that bfp!! nice to see youre doing fine, im feeling more + lately so im finaly putting the mc behind me, we have started ttc again but taking it slowly xxxx hugs xxx
  • Awww hun! See here's me moaning away and I've not really been through anything like you have - I'm sorry. It's good to hear that you are feeling more positive! I seem to have just forgotten about it really - well up until it's time to get down to business! I'm trying to keep myself busy and trying to keep calm about it all too!
    Take care hun - hope you get your sticky BFP soon.

    Love M

  • 'Woomummy waves to fellow oldies' Im still here girlies ...hhmm mb we should set up a new thread if youve been here a year!!!! image xx
  • I'm back here again.... image

    Long story but had loads of problems straight after bfp last month and after seeing hb at 7 weeks, by 8 weeks I started spotting and private scan confirmed hb was gone. Was booked for erpc on Tues but mc'd naturally on Mon night.
    It's still early days but as I just felt that something was going to go wrong right from the start I have kind of already had a while to accept it. (although it's hit hubby hard as he was positive all the way along and thought I was just being paranoid, so now he's really shocked)

    Am with you on the crap cycles hun. Am off to gp this afternoon as am convinced pcos contributed to my mc. Either cos I ov late which could have mean poor quality egg, or cos of hormone imbalances. Since coming off pill I have had to start plucking my chin for the first time, arms are twice as hairy and have even had a couple of long dark hairs on my chest - GAH! So am going to DEMAND testosterone test from gp and want metformin. I'm not going down without a fight.

    Am just worried that it's going to take my body ages to recover from mc as am just so impatient to get ttc again.

    Really hope the clomid works for you hun. xxx
  • Awww thanks girlies!!!

    Kim - good plan - maybe we should get our own thread - or even our own forum on here...lol!!!

    BB - I'm so sorry to hear what you've been going through. I hope you get some answers from the doc.

    I too have had extra hair since coming of the pill - and a few stray eyebrows (don't call them chin hairs..lol).

    Hope you get some tests and some answers - fingers crossed ya hun - and I'm here if you need to ask any pcos questions!

  • So, I went to gp yesterday and after promising to do tests she is now backing down. Think she only just said she would before as had just found out about mc and she didn't want to upset me more.
    She said we can 'look at maybe' doing tests once mc is all over. I asked about metformin. She said as I want it for fertility she won't prescribe it and will have refer us to fertility clinic - and then admitted when I asked that it would be a looooong process.

    Hubby has said we can look at going private. Didn't you do this? How do I go about it? Haven't got a clue where to start. Do I need referral from gp?

    Going to see gp again in 2 weeks so am going to bring it up again then. Will try to argue that it's not just for ttc but for excess hair too. Am getting really paranoid about it. image
  • Good luck mummy wanna be, fingers crossed that second round is THE ONE! Take care, and dont be a stranger! x


  • Thanks ladies!

    Hi bb4 and SB - good to see you both.

    BB - yes I went private! I basically looked on the internet for Gyne's that specialises in fertility etc in my area - I found own in the next town - gave him a ring then he made an appointment for 3 days time - where as NHS took 4 weeks!!! Then went to see him and he sorted me out - yeah I needed a referral - the doctor's secretary just faxed one over - they can't object to you going private so don't worry.
    I'm sorry your gp was no use - sounds like you've had a bad Friday the 13th!!!!
    I hope you get sorted soon hun - fingers crossed for ya!

    Take Care


  • Thanks MWB. I am going to start researching.
    Do you mind me asking roughly how much it cost? xx
  • No I don't mind you asking at all hun - only I've not had the bill yet? He said they would send me an invoice - I've not had one yet - I don't know if it comes at the end of my treatment?
    But I can tell you percreiptions are a little higher - think my clomid was about ??15 - where as NHS perscriptions are a bit cheaper than that.
    I remember when I was going to have an internal scan privately - but decided to wait for the NHS - they quote me ??120 I think!
    But when you call the hospitals - and then speak to the gyne's secretary - you can ask how much a consulation is and they'll let you know.
    I hope you get a nice private doctor who helps you. I have lost faith in the NHS as far as fertility goes - think they drag out the process unnecessarily - and it's our taxes that pay for all this messing about!
    Take care hun - fingers crossed for ya - and if you have any more questions feel free to ask.
    Love M
  • Baby B - sorry to hear you're having a rough time.

    Have you thought about asking to see a different doc at the same practice? They can differ in their approach, and it could be worth asking locally if anyone has found a particular doc to be helpful. You could even change surgeries if there's another one close.

    Obviously there's no guarentee but after hearing the variation in reaction from people's doctors on here, it might be worth trying, even if you do that at the same time as you're investigating going private.

    Hope things look up for you and Mummywannabe. x
  • Thanks MWB. I'm going to start looking into this place:

    It specialises in pcos so they should listen/know what they are talking about! Going to email them today for prices etc. Also, am still getting positive pg tests after mc so need to check in case it's too soon to come in. From the website it seems like it is mainly high testosterone they are worried about and am convinced that mine is too high at the mo anyway.

    Don't know if you have seen it before but I found this site yesterday:
    http://www.diagnosemefirst.com/ It has loads of good info on pcos.

    Flush30 - I have already been to 2 different gp's. Neither knew much about pcos and won't do anything for a while. Last one said she will look at maybe doing tests but if they come back positive then she will just refer me to fertility clinic and I just can't wait for nhs for that. After mc I just feel such an urgent need to be pg again and trying to sort this pcos thing makes me feel like I am doing something positive.My identical twin has pcos and conceived with metformin so I just want to be given that as if it worked for her then it makes sense that it should work for me.
  • Hey Em, has your Dr finally diagnosed PCOS then?

    Sorry if I missed you saying this!

  • No - she is still being a cow!!! But my symptoms are really coming out now and I am 100% sure I have it.

    So am giving up on gp now and looking into going private. She is dragging her feet so much and I just feel desperate to get this sorted. I have just emailed the clinic - hope they reply quickly. I might even be able to go later this week.
  • Hi BB!
    Thanks for that link - will look at that site. Glad you're going private - hope something gets done!
    Sorry for the delayed response - not been on here - as haven't really been in ttc mood - more like "eff off to the world and everyine leave me alone" mood! Think it's the tablets - that or I'm just annoyed with ttc - didn't help someone at work brought in their 11 day old today!
    Let me know how you get on hun - fingers crossed for ya!!
    Take Care

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