what are very early syptoms?

hi girls, we are trying fir our first baby, i know the usual signs to look out for, eg late period etc. but what are the earliest syptoms that you have experienced, and how early did you get them? also how early can i do a pregnancy test and get a realistic result? thanks xxxx


  • my af is due on wed,ive just tested with a clearblue normal and got a positive!!!! one line was fainter than the other, going to re test in the morning. the one thing i noticed was that i was still bit wet!! sorry tmi!!!. if i felt inside,there was a small amount of cm. i got really emotional last week over someone borrowing my pens without asking and thats not like me. thats about all really.
  • first of all congratulations!!!!!!!! is it yr first baby? im vvvv emotional today, but it could be pmt, its a funny old game is pregnancy!! xx
  • yes!!! i'm trying hard not to get excited!!! you'll soon get used to it. just keep coming on here and ask questions. this site is the best!!!!!!! you worked out your cycles yet cosmic girl?
  • believe it or not, they are18 days one month and 24 the next, but used ovulation sticks last onth, only been trying for 3 months, its all a bit stressful i think! xxx
  • i would not bother with ov sticks. if you go on www.mycycles.com. they can average out your cycles to see when you ov.
  • thanx, will give it a look. i think the main problem is, you try for years not to get pregnant, and then i think it must be a shock to the system when all of a sudden your little body wants a baby xxxx
  • exactly!!! keep us updated on how you get on!!!!
  • congratulations!!!!!thanx st bertie, recognise you from you and yr wedding forum, i used to go on that too, ive got a test in so might try it in the morning, i will be 6 days early too, xx
  • thanks, will keep you posted, and congrats again xxx
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