AF and pregnancy symptom confusion

I just wondered if anyone has been convinced they were going to get their AF and got BFP instead? I am now about 12 DPO and had convinced myself I was going to get BFP - very sore (.)(.), very tired, thirsty,vivid dreams, a bit sicky etc. However I have got quite bad tummy and lower back cramps and these feel exactly like my pre-AF cramps. I just wondered if anyone has confused the two and got their BFP - trying to keep up my PMA as I really hoped we had done it this month!


  • Hi EmmaA,

    I'm new here, but wanted to say YES - when we eventually got pregnant with our sticky bean, this is exactly what happened to me. Know it's easier said than done, but try to keep positive. While AF is away, you're still in the running!

    Sending sprinkles of babydust x
  • Blimey yes!

    When I read people say that they were convinced af was about to arrive but got bfp I thought there's no way after having them for so many years that it would feel so similar. But it did.

    You're not out till she arrives no matter how close it feels she is.

  • My BFP sypmtoms were exactly the same as my AF symptoms. My pre-AF sore (.)(.) and cramps even started the same dpo they always did. I even posted on here at 8dpo saying 'that's it - I'm out'!

    It really isn't over until AF rocks up.

    K 18+1 x
  • Oh thanks so much girls. That's made me feel much more positive again!
  • Hi Emma,

    I've been reliably informed by a GP that there are no AF or BFP symptoms - just lots of crappy side effects that are a result of an increase in progesterone following OV to prepare your body for a potential pregnancy - i.e, you could get all the symptoms in the book and have AF or BFP as a result, there is no distinguishing between the two. Apparently you only get true pregnancy symptoms when you are sharing a blood supply with baby which would not be until you are around 6 weeks pregnant, long after you would have missed AF. Not sure if he's right but makes sense and helps me to think this way, saved alot of time and heartache by NOT symptom spottting anyway!
  • G/C from baby,my first pregnancy i had all the symptoms of af coming so was very suprised when i got my bfp,my second pregnancy i had no symptoms what so ever so again was very suprised when i got my bfp good luck

  • gc from baby cos saw this on home age

    i really didn't think i was pregnant (we wren't trying but was a nice surprsie) i had all the symptoms of an imminent AF and even tho Af was a week late i put it down to stress as we had just moved to belgium! it was OH that was convinced i was pregnant and in the end i only tested to keep him quiet, and the line came up before i finished weeing! i was gobsmacked lol! i never had any sickness or anything either so was very lucky. xx
  • Yes yes yes! The month I got my BFP my symptoms were EXACTLY like AF was due.
    I had terrible crampy pains especially in my lower back, headaches, and sore boobs. I felt sure it was just AF and did not test until AF was a day late.

    I couldn't believe my BFP because there was nothing different at all from previous months when AF had showed up.

    Don't give up just yet hun, good luck


  • That's great to read all your experiences. Thanks very much again.
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