In relation to my other post am getting so down again :cry:


In relation to my other post where I have been getting faint lines again after my af 3 weeks ago and my next af wasnt due until 8th may. Am confused.

So I decided to do an OPK on friday night and got a smiley after feelin unwell basically all week sick and headaches, pains in stomach, am i ovulating earlier than expected as last few months I have had a 45 day cycle but when I first came off pill I had a 35 day cycle so to get a pos OPK on CD23 well that would kinda make it right for a 35-40 day cycle.

Am just not sure what is going on, I have one opk left if I do that when could I expect to see a non smiley face if it was ovulation and if I get a smiley does this mean I am pregnant?

Also I have bought some CBD but not going to do one for a few days, I really hope this is it as have just burst out into tears :cry: and told hubby I am just so scared and sick to death now so I hope I can get some answers/explanations off the doctor on Thursday at my appointment.

I have everything documented down so at least I can take that with me and say this is whats happened every month etc and explain everything in great detail.

Here's hoping I finally get some answers as am on the edge :x right now and dont think I can take much more the way i am feeling.

Also I really hope we get to go on hol in 5 weeks with all this volcano business as I will be gutted if we cant go on hol either.



  • Ahh SD, I don't know what to say but hope you get some answers soon and big hugs. xxxx
  • Ahh SD, I don't know what to say but hope you get some answers soon and big hugs. xxxx
  • Hey,
    I don't know anything about these OPK. I just want to send you a big hug, you have done all the right things by documenting everything - this will make it easier for the doc to look back over your cycles etc..
    If I was you I would use a CBD but if you're feeling a bit low it may be best to wait. Only you know how you're going to feel.
    Thankfully you have all of us on here to talk to which I hope is of some help to you. Go and grab your OH for a big fat cuddle. xxxx
  • I'm sending you lots of massive ((((hugs)))) . Sorry I can't help you with OPK's but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the faint lines are your BFP xxx
  • hi sd sorry your feeling like this its not nice to not know what is going on inside your body and this is supposed to be a happy time i hope you get the answers you are ookin for. i would do a cbd just to be sure what is going on because they will test you at docs anyway. x
  • Hi all

    Done a CBD this afternoon and got BFN so dont know what to think now. I know I have definately been getting lines on other tests even tho they were v.faint as the line is still there now 2 days on and a little bit more visible.

    Lets hope the doc sorts me out on Thur

  • aww Im so sorry- i hope your doctor cans ort things out for you darling. Clearly you have waited way long enough. Think positive though. Im keeping everything crossed for you. xxxx
  • can u post a pic of ur most recent test u have been doing hun before the cbd??? i really hope u get sorted soon, it must be just awful not knowing whats going on. i wish you all the best and hope you get some answers soon xx

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  • I cant hun because my phone is in for repair with Carphone warehouse the lines are there both myself and hubby agree we are getting very faint lines just wish I could see a bright pink BFP. Having been in this situation a few times before I think I am just getting chem pregnancies as same thing happened last month.

    Will wait now and see what doc says

  • Well hopefully the doc will sort you out Thursday hun xx I was going to say i hope the doc gives you a good seeing to on Thursday but that just sounded naughty! he he xx
    I know what you mean with the holiday too...we're supposed to be going to Miami in 3 weeks!
  • Hi SD,
    So sorry to hear your cycles etc are still messing you around. I noticd you posted in pcos a few weeks ago and whether it is or isn't that if I were you I would outright ask for a blood test when you go back to the gp. The can literally send you for one and do a 'hormone profile' where from 1 sample they can tell what's going on and if any of your hormone levels are out of kilter.

    The other thing I was thinking is maybe it could be that your are getting a bean but then having a short luteal phase so implanation is the problem.

    Hope you get some answers and support from your gp.

    Sending you a big hug! xxx
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