Just been to the doctors......

As most of you know, it been 42 days since my last period and 2 tests last week showed neagtive.

Just been to the docs and she siad that no period was a definate good sign as ive been realy regular for last 6 months.
Also said my symptoms sound promising, so has given me pot to pee in and send for lab test - just said hormone levels could be low.

So no real news, but will keep you posted.


  • i'll keep my fingers crossed for a bfp for you xx
  • Good luck, hope you get the news your hoping for.
    Amber xx xx
  • good luck! it all sounds promising..and as i have learnt from coming on here-its not over till the witch arrives.
  • good luck hun! when do you get your results? keep us posted image xx
  • Good luck, hope its a bfp! xxx
  • Fingers crossed you get your bfp!x
  • Oh Mrs D how exciting! Do keep us posted.....you may get your honeymoon baby after all! When do you find out? x x
  • Thanks everyone!
    I have to take my sample in tomorrow morning and she said the result should be back by Friday.
    She said that it would go to the lab for testing, but that the home tests may not have worked properley or that I may have taken in the evening after lots to drink before the hormone levels were high enough.

    My friend says I should just go and get another test now and see what it says, but im tooo nervous!

    I dont know what to think, i just got so excited when she said I would be 6 weeks gone!
    She also told me that I could ring for a telephone appointment on Monday if i wanted to discuss the results or anything else if it was easier than getting to the surgury.

    So was really helpful - just wish I knew one way or the other still!!!
  • have you tried a test first thing in the morning like a First Response one?
    I am pleased that your doctors are being helpful. Fingers crossed for you xx
  • wow best of luck!!
  • I have thought alot about doing a first response and I guess there is no harm, but I dont know if im just best waiting for the doctors?

    you watch, I will be at the chemist in a mo getting a big supply of tests!!!
  • Fingers crossed!
  • In some ways I feel like im being silly, that there is no way im pregnant as I would have had a BFP by now.
    This is not the way I pictured things happening.

    But I will try and stay positive and keep everything crossed!

  • Mrs D you have now moved over from Y&YW I see, I recognise your pic!! I am hoping you get the result you want on Friday, keeping my fingers crossed for you x
  • If you can resist testing wait til friday! Whay waste the money if they are doing it anyway!! Keep up your PMA honey. If the docs think it looks good that is a really positive sign! I am keeping everything crossed for you xx Don't forget - some people have had nothing show on a test util 10 - 14wks!!
  • Good luck hun! x
  • best of luck, got everything crossed xoxox
  • goodluck!!! I really hope that you can join me and have a BFP this month. I am really hoping for the best for you as maybe your hoemines are low. I had a much stronger result with my first pregnancy than this pregnancy so there must be vast difference in levels of HCG. xxxxxxxxx
  • Good luck, fingers crossed! xx
  • Thanks ladies, its so nice to come on here this morning and see so many nice msg's of support.
    Ive hardly slept all night, been dreaming about what the result is!
    Ive done my sameple wee first thing this morning - resisted the urge to get up at 4am and have a pee, even though I was desperate!
    Im not sure how im gonna make it to Friday, but i guess Ive waited this long, another few days wont make much more difference!

    And yes Daydreamer, I have moved here from YAYW! How are you?
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