are they worth the cost???? how do they work?


  • It tells you when you have high and peak days like any OPK. I have one as i heard so many people talk about them.

    I paid ??60 for a new one and then about ??12 for 20 tests.

    This is just my first month though, hopefully somebody else can say some more!!

  • Hi,
    just thought I'd let you know that they're on offer at Amazon at the mo - ??52.
    They basically chart your cycle every month by checking the levels of estrogen and LH in your urine. You have to tell it when the first day of your period is and then after day 6 it asks you to do a urine test. You pee on a stick and put it in the machine and it tells you whether you are at low, high or peak fertility. You are then supposed to have sex most on the high and peak days. You do a test every day from day 6 to 16 (by then you should have reached peak fertility). It then goes back to 'low' until you tell it that AF has arrived and it starts again. It apparently keeps track of 6 months worth of data to accurately determine when you're most likely to be at peak fertility.
    hope that helps
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