Well after my positive Tesco HPT last night, I just did a Superdrug own brand and there is a faint line in the square window?! I am shaking! Dont want to get my hopes up in case its wrong, OMG!:roll:


  • woohoo! sounds like a BFP to me!!!! congrats! xxxxxxxxxx
  • Fingers crossed for you. xxx
  • yey fingers crossed for you x
  • sounds good hun xxxx
  • sounds like it to me too. Good luck XX how exciting
  • I keep looking at it in case it disappears lol!
  • I used a superdrug one image got a big fat line on Sunday

    i reckon ur good to go!! xxxx
  • Really Rosemary? Mines isn't dark or anything though its faint! Its 9 days since my missed AF, would it really take that long to show up on a HPT?

    Thanks girls, keep the fingers and toes crossed, sending you all lots of babydust xo
  • sounds like its your BFP to me :\) keep us up to date x
  • well dark enough for me and hubby to scream lol! Its dark now, 3 days later, really dark. I keep staring at it, how weird am i.

    I took it on my CD32 which was good enough for the superdrug one.
    If ur still not sure, why dont u get a first response one or something? xxx
  • Don't worry Rosemary, I kept ours for ages and stared at it constantly. Until my first scan I think, gross I know, but I got it into my head that so long as I could see the BFP on the test the baby was fine, and when I had the scan and had ultimate proof bean was actually there I threw it away!!

    PB79, 2 tests can't be wrong - I got my positive on a tesco then checked it with a clear blue. Why not get a clear blue digital, then you will see the actual words, might help it sink in for you!
    Congratulations hon xx
  • thanks garfield, i feel a bit weird lol. I am so impatient i told my best friend. Otherwise it didnt feel real! My scan date is gonna be at the same as hubby's birthday so i am extra wary now!
  • Thanks Garfield, might just do that!!!! I am still shaking and suddenly feel like vomiting lol xo
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