missing AF!!!!

Has anyone else had the above problem?? I've always been regular with AF's in the past but this month nothing - not even a sign. don't have any pg symptoms either but as I'm now 5 days late did a test today (clearblue) but negative. any ideas what could be wrong??

I could almost understand it if it was just a day to 2 but 5 just isn't normal!!!! I hadn't been feeling 100% ready for another baby so its taken me a few days to build up curuge to test today. Now its negative I'm lest feeling a bit disapointed and fustrated.

any ideas welcome. x


  • I dont now hun but didnt want to R&R. I do think the FR tests are more accurate. If you could get your hands on one I would try it.

    Have you been sick or stressed out as this can cause a late af?

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  • thanks for the reply I was pooly cought little one bug which would of been just before the time I was due to be ov. so maybe that got something to do with it. I was also a bit stressed as we had a party last month. but stress is nothing new with me. thanks for advice on fr I'll try them if still no af by next week. x
  • My AF has ran off too if its any consolation? im 6 days late image but my cycles r still messed up from the pill x
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