is anyone watching.???


  • What channel is it on?
  • found it... she must b crazy... i can just about cope wiv my lil girl!!! shes more than enuff 4 me
  • she has 14 kids, all planned and conceived by donor. is it just me or does she look like she has had platic surgery as well.x
  • lmao... her face duz luk quite sukt back
  • I watched that and thought she was a bit of a pratt, yes she does look like she has had some sort of surgery but she clearly is struggling with 14 kids, I find it hard with 1, lol x
  • I watched that - and yeah i think she looked like she's had surgery too!

    And OMG how rude were some of those kids?! Swearing at her etc... and what about when that boy threw the bloody screwdriver in her face!!


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