Any cycle buddies out there?

Just wondering if anyone is at the same place in their cycle as i am. Im currently on cd12 and am due to ovulate from today onwards fingers crossed so would be due around the 18th june...would be great to have a buddy so that i dont cave in and test early!


  • Hi there! Are you really trying for baby number 5? image

    Im on CD12 too I'm using OV tests so just waiting for a +ve now although still BDing every other day just in case. Im also charting my BBT! I will prob OV anywhere between now and the 11th July and my luteal phase is between 12 to 15 days so I wont know when to test until I see a temp shift or get a +ve OV test! My body is so confusing! lol.

    I really dont want to test early either but I've got a bit of a POAS addiction going on! we can support each other!

  • brill hun!! Im also a poas addict so im not going to buy any hpts at all and wont test at all until im due which could be from the 17th to the 20th....depending when i ov! Confusing stuff but im excited! Lots of pma hun for our bfps this month
  • Are you trying for baby number 5 then?

  • yeh my oldest is 5 in august, i have identical twin boys who are nearly 3 and half and my baby boy is 2 in 2wks time. So bring on no 5 im well excited....cant wait to get my bfp just hope i wnt have to wait too long!! How bout you hun
  • Aww wow! I bet its fab at your house! image I'd love twins I bet their ace.

    We're trying for our first, I've never been pregnant so not sure what to expect, quite scared really I suppose but very excited at the same time! Im just so impatient I want to skip the pregnancy bit and go straight to just having a baby in my arms! lol

    Hope this is our month!

  • I know what you mean hun but the pregnancy part is pretty awesome....i really hope you get you bfp soon.

    My twins are really funny to watch, they are like a married couple! They are all good boys must think im mad wanting another!!

    PMA - this will be our month..woohoo!!
  • oooh sorry but just bin to the loo and got what looks like my first bit of ewcm ( sorry if tmi).....woohoo!! I cnt remember much about ov'in but thats a good sign yeah?
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