The most confused TTC has ever made me! Please help!!!!!!!!

My bloody cycles are doing my head in! If any of you can make any light of this PLEASE help me!

I'm on CD23 of a 31-40 day cycle (last month was 37 days) and I've started spotting (TMI; dark CMish stuff I get before period starts). I'm still getting highs on CBFM and haven't had my peak yet.

Since my cycles have started to regulate (Jan this year onwards) I've generally had really sore, swollen boobs at least a week, sometimes 2 weeks before AF has started but this month I've had nothing. OH thought my boobs were a bit bigger but I've not noticed a change, certainly nothing on what I've had for the past few months.

I've never had a natural cycle shorter than 30 days and I don't understand why all of a sudden it seems to have dropped! Not gone any further than dark CM when I wipe (really sorry, TMI) and I don't need a pad/tampon yet but I can see it going that way by tomorrow/Thursday.

I just need some reassurance really. TTC and monitoring every little change in my bodily functions is driving me nuts but this is taking the biscuit! :lol: The TTC fairies are against me!



  • Oooh, I really don't know hun. When did you OV? could it possibly be spotting due to implantation? Hope it is good news though. x
  • Well CBFM hasn't identified a peak day yet...I've just been getting highs since CD13! So don't know if I've OVd and it's not been picked up or what. So confused Mrs EH.
  • It is confusing. I think you just have to accept that it is all really confusing and try your best to relax. I am USELESS at doing that but I know it is important. I don't use a CBFM so don't know how they work, could it have missed OV? Perhaps it is just a little old blood which is brown.
  • Thank you Mrs EH. Think I over-reacted a bit yesterday! It's just so frustrating when I don't know if AF's going to appear tomorrow or in 2 weeks time! Baby making's so difficult :lol:! I've tried looking up some stuff online to see if it's possible for CBFM to miss OV...there are a couple of girls who've gotten pregnant when they've just had high readings (you get low readings; low fertility...high readings; high fertility....2 peak readings; OV) but it's quite rare. Don't think I'm that lucky! x
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