nearly two missed periods, all preg. symptoms,but 3 neg hpts

hi there guys!
just wondering if anyone can be of any help to me about this situation im in!

basically, i havent had a proper full period since second week of feb,
i'd been on birth control pill but had unprotected sex on the 7 day break!

my doc has done various blood tests for anemia/diabetes etc,
but all came back normal!

he seems to think im in early stages of pregnancy, although 3 home pregnancy tests came out negative!
im having literally every single pregnancy symptom/sign and have been for almost 4 weeks now, which would put me at 5 weeks pregnant by my calculations!
the doc thinks that it could purely be not showing up as positive because i dont have high enough hcg levels, which is apparently not that uncommon in women, some dont get a positive til they're 8 weeks!

well basically, he told me to come off my pills just incase i am pregnant,

i came off them 3 days ago, and have had a tiny bit of light brown discharge when i wipe after urinating, but no blood!

day 5 off the pill now and ive still got all my symptoms, getting a few "butterfly" feelings in my lower tummy as well this morning and yesterday evening,
and the light discharge has gone, just a very clear discharge now!

any idea whats going on?!!


  • ahhhh! did want to read and run, but i honeslt have no clue! have u done a first response? im sorry im not much help, just wanted to wish u well, sounds annoying! i would say if uve been getting so many negatives then ur probly not PG, but some peoples bodies are different, so u never no xxx
  • Hi hon, I replied to your thread in young mums but just want to say that it really does sound like you're pregnant. A lot of women do get late tests and have heard of some women going through the entire pregnancy and never getting a single positive test!!

    I think your doc is a moron - try and ask to see somebody else if you can, particularly a female. They have to do bloods NOW, because if you are pregnant you need to avoid certain foods, have to be careful with what you do and use (for example if you work with computers you can't change the toners as it can harm the baby!) and should be on folic acid. I can't believe he wants to rule other things out first; all it would have taken was another tick on the form and you would know if you were pregnant!! Go back and kick up a stink until they do the bloods because this really isnt on.

    Good luck x
  • Oh and don't worry about the small bit of brown discharge when you wipe, its just a combo of your body having a clear out of old blood for the baby, and where you've stopped taking the pill. I had clear discharge throughout my pregnancy, so thats nothing to worry about either - and the butterfly feelings are your womb growing for the baby!!

    I'm still fuming at your doc !! Can't believe he thinks you're pregnant but hasn't tested for it!!! Grrrr!!!
  • o yeah doh! silly me, i read the bloods bit and thought it said she had already had bloods done, and they cam eback normal, but just read back again, and she hasnt had a blood for PG! oooo yes hun! i defo agree with garfield on this one then. lol oops, its coz im at work and try to chat on BE, but people keep shoving work in my face! its easter dammit go away! lol. so bored of work! anyway... yes hun, go back to a different doc, and insist u have boods done for pregnancy xxxxxxxxx
  • thank you guys!

    at least someone seems to agree with me!
    i mean i really cant understand why my doctor hasnt ruled out pregnancy first, because like you said, i need to be avoiding certain foods, taking vitamins, folic acid etc!
    so frustrating!!

    my tummy definitely seems to be bloating a bit, i know if i am i wouldnt be big right now anyway as some women dont show for months into pregnancy!
    but i usually have very flat tummy
    and my partner even said that i'd put on weight on my tummy, and he'd never admit to me i had even if i asked him!! wouldnt want to offend me
    but my tummy is deffo a little rounder as a whole
    and i have soo many symptoms, it just all adds up!

    i may pop down the local sexual health clinic later, see if they can do anything
    although i think all they will do is another urine test, which i dont seem to be showing up on!

    ill keep you posted image xxxx
  • Some women show quite early, and if you're naturally slim with a flat tummy then you will show sooner as you need the extra room!

    I started showing at around 10 weeks, but only thought I was 8 so was rather confused!

    Good luck!! x
  • good luck hun x
  • i didnt find out i was pregnant till i was 9 weeks gone with my last, and now i have a waiting game again xxxx go back to the doc and demand a blood test xxx
  • hi there!
    well i went back to the docs this afternoon and spoke to a nurse there
    and we worked out when i would of conceived if i am pregnant and when it would of implanted, and i'd be 5 and a half weeks gone now'!
    so its very possible i am pregnant, but she was still adamant i couldnt be!
    wont do a blood test either til ive waited another month
    arghh im so annoyed with them, as my tummy is pretty rounded now, im usually very flat, and ive been feeling so achey all over my body and im exhausted alot of the time, and getting frequent headaches and nausea
    and still no sign of any dark discharge or blood of any sort!!

    keep you updated! thanks again image xx
  • omg hun! what tw*ts, thats well bad! maybe go buy a first response test? when was the last time u tested? x
  • last time i tested was about 3 days ago that was neg too!
    but whilst i was in town i went to superdrug and bought 2 packs which each have two tests in
    apparently the superdrug ones can detect fairly early and have good reviews so thought why not!
    its just so frustrating
    because what if i am pregnant, but i have a low hcg hormone level, as some women do! and the docs cant be bothered to give me a blood test, its putting the baby at risk surely if i am?!!

  • All I can suggest is buying some folic acid and starting to take it straight away - wont harm you if you're not pregnant (though I dont see how thats possible!). Avoid peanuts, undercooked egg (no runny yellow bits), only have super cooked prawns and other shellfish, avoid swordfish & merlin, limit tuna to 2 portions a week, no red meat (as in if you have a steak have it thoroughly cooked, no pink bits) no alcohol, no caffeine (or only 1 cup of tea/coffee a day if you have to have some), drink plenty of liquid....erm....trying to remember from when I was pregnant!

    Random things as well, no cleaning out cat litter trays, no going near sheep or lambs, no gardening unless you're wearing gloves, no changing ink cartridges or being too close to microwaves that are on... and just generally take it easy - no heavy lifting or anything like that!

    At least then you will know that you've done everything you need to for the baby. Oh, and try not to take any medicines, especially aspirin and ibuprofen - only paracetemol if you need anything. Think thats everything - its a lot ain't it? They do say you can eat peanuts in pregnancy now, but have only just changed it to say you can, and after decades of it being a big no-no I would never want to risk it, so that one is up to you. NHS guidelines say its fine, but even my mam was warned off them so I would err on the side of caution.

    Hope some of that helps!! If you need a chat or anything feel free to e-mail me as well. x
  • hi there!

    thank you so so much for the advice!
    its a great help, because if i am pregnant, which it seems highly likely i am atm, then i really do need to be following precautions!

    its day 6 off the pill now, and still no sign of period at all, or anything that would indicate i was going to come on soon!
    plus, ive had no withdrawal bleed from coming off the pill, which is odd because i read you're supposed to have at least that!

    ill keep you updated image xx
  • hi sophielouise10, any news??? xxxx
  • Hi just read ur topic, I've posted on here 2 c if anyone has symptoms nut neg test but didn't get many answers image I have twinges and light cramping in my lower abs and absolutly knackered! I had this on a mmc and when I was preg with my son but had a pos home test at 5-6 weeks. Nowim convinced I've got caught out whilst on the pill (again..) but the test was negative xx
  • Hi Sophielouise10
    What pill were you on? Was it one were you take it for 21 days, then 7 off during which you get a bleed, then another pack of 21 and so on? If so then you will be covered during your 7 day break and so you wouldn't have had unprotected sex. This would make it unlikely that you are pregnant. Having come off the pill will mess with your hormones and can mimic pregnancy symptoms. Also, it can take a while for your periods to return, when I came off the pill (microgynon) I didn't have a proper AF for 4 months. Wasted so much money on preg tests!

    If you are on a pill where there is no break but you took one and had sex during this time then you could be pregnant although I would expect that the hormone would be high enough to show up in a hpt by now.

    That said, you wouldn't be the first to get pregnant while on pill so give it a week or two and try re-testing if you are still concerned. Best of luck hon.
  • hi ladies!

    well, its now been coming up to 2 weeks since i came off my pill, and still no sign of a period, at all, no dark discharge or anything!!

    and, ive still had all my symptoms i had before coming off the pill!!
    and my tummy is definitely getting rounder, but its definitely not just fat, as when i put on weight it goes onto my legs as well as my tummy, and ive not put on weight anywhere else!!

    i have an appointment with another doctors surgery today, so hopefully they can be of more help than my previous doctorss!!

    ill keep you posted image xxx
  • hi hun, good luck with docs! x
  • Hi SophieLouise,

    I don't want to sound negative and really hope you are pregnant as it can happen really quickly like that.

    Having said that I could have type your post a few months back. I came off the pill and waited 3 months until I got an af I then started trying and after 2 months I had sore boobs, nausea, couldn't stand the text and smell of certain foods and still no af but lots of negative hpts. My doctor had kept sending me away saying I was just stressed I went back again to a female gp who sent me for bloods and it turned out I had pcos and that's why I ahdn't had an af and had all thse symptoms, I'm not saying you might have that but just wanted to let you know that other things coul be coming into play.

    On the other hand, some girls I was in a thread with came off the pill didn't have periods for a good few months and then got pregnant without having any periods.

    I think you should go back to the doctor and keep poas'ing in the meantime but perhaps don't build your hopes up just in case, I really hope you've got or gt a bfp soon though. Good luck! xxx
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