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hi girls. some of you may know me, I usually post in ttc after mc. anyway thought i'd post my news here, as know some of you have AF's MIA at the mo and there's been talk of what tests to use in here this week.

so I've been ttc a year now. got bfp in aug, MC'd in sept. ttc again ever since. bought cbfm after the MC. this is 3rd cycle using it. first 2 got 4-5 highs then peaks. this cycle was worried hadn't ov'd or something not right as got no highs straight to peaks. so don't worry if your cbfm starts acting differently!

so my last 2 cycles AF has come 10+11dpo, so when I had no AF I first tested on thurs which was 12dpo, and got bfn on amazon cheapy and FR. fri/sat did just cheapies, bfn's. yesterday I did a superdrug and a cheapy at same time. cheapy bfn. superdrug had the faintest line. thought was imagining it, but hubby saw it. then did a tesco, was bfn. so did a 2nd superdrug very very faint again.

well today I went crazy again and did another 4 tests. pee'd in a pot. did and amazon cheapy, a superdrug and an FR at the same time. The amazon and the FR had the faintest lines you could possibly imagine, and there's no way you'd take them as a bfp on their own, it was like a pink shadow. the superdrug was a faint bfp, slightly darker than yesterday but not a lot. so then I thought well... I've got 5 cbd's so ic oudl try one, it'll prob be neg. but it was bfp pregnant 1-2weeks. So I guess I have to accept it's really now a tiny man in a digital test is telling me it's true and I'm not imagining lines!!!

so things we did different this month:
hubby took vits. just tesco own vit c and zinc but we checked in shop that the amount zinc was the same as the sanatogen father to be ones. (i've been taking mother to be for a year now!)
we did buy zestica, but only used it once 48hrs before first peak. we used the spray and did like it. but when we were bd'ing on the peaks there was never a good moment to 'stop' and grab it lol
my AF this cycle was 3rd one since mc and is the first one that has been 'normal' for me in the way it arrived, durationa and heaviness.
althought have been desperate to be pg ever since MC'd, this is first month where looking back I actually felt ready and like I wouldn't be a complete nervous wreck when it happened. I also felt like a bfn would be ok this month as we're going on hols and could make a baby then.

from about 3-10 days I felt 'different'. no actual physical symptoms, just felt like this cycle was different, but then when the bfn's started I felt like that was all just in my head.
have been tired, but then worked all week. and I often am in my job.
no sore boobs, no nausea.

so what I'm saying is it's not over til AF arrives as mine was due 10/11 and my first faint lines were 15dpo. with my experience of doing multiple tests on the same pot of wee superdrug are better than FR and tesco. and even though i knwo from experience how angry I got when people told me to relax and it would happen, it does seem to have happened on the month where I was less stressed about it.

good luck to all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gems (in a whirlwind of excitement and paranoia - guess I have 8more months of that)



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