did my CBD at 5.30 this morning as could not sleep at all and came up with a BFP within about 30 seconds!!!!

i really can't believe it waited so long and never thought it would happen.

thanks to everyone for all their support along my long journey.

sending you all tons and tons of babydust



  • massive congrats to you, remember to relax, rest and take it easy for the next 9 months :\)

    hope you have a wonderful pregnancy

  • Oh that's fantastic! SO glad for you. When does that work out that your due date would be? Is it a New Year baby??

  • Huge congrats to you. Great news!!!
  • Congratulations and here's to a healthy and happy pregnancy.

    All the best.
  • i've worked out its due 22nd dec but going to docs next week as may be completely wrong!
  • Wow - a Christmas baby! How lovely! My birthday is the 15th Dec and I like being a pre-xmas baby. Great time of year to be born!!! xx
  • congratulations
  • congratulations on your BFP image
  • fantastic news, congratulations. Hope you have a very healthy and happy 9 months xxx

  • Congratulations, that's excellent news
    Do you mind me asking: How long were you trying and did you have any symptoms?
    Have a baby fab 9 mnths xxxxx maddie
  • Big Big congratulations to you!!! Hope you have a happy, healthy 9 months. image

  • congratualtions wannabemummy, have a happy healthy 9 months x
  • congratulations!!! glad those magic words appeared for you!
    hope everything goes well xxx
  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! fab news hun, and no better xmas pressie! See you in the Dec forum soon? xx

  • woohoo - congratulations! x
  • YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!

  • Soooooooooooooooooo happy for you. Well done & Congrats.
  • Thanks again everyone just come home from work and have done another test just to see that line appear and it still keeps coming up. i don't think it's sunk in yet.

    Maddie - this is my 13th month of trying. only symptoms i had were slightly sore BB but not enough for me to think i am def preg. i am a bit sore by my arm pits but unless i was looking for symptoms i would not really notice this.

    the only thing i did different this month was lie on my front for 30 mins after bd instead of on back with pillow under bum. also i'm sure it happened when i was holiday so i was eating what i wanted and drinking what i wanted and not really too obsessed with the whole thing.

    also i used a personal fertility monitor this month but that turned out to not work for me as when it said i was ovulating i missed bd those days and couple before and after. so don't really know when i ov!!

    sorry for going on and on but just so excited. xx
  • Congratulations!! Brill news!!! See you in the Dec forum. xx
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