OMFG! huge BFP shock!

I'm in a state of shock! Got a BFP this morning it was a faint line on a boots own brand test, not sure how sensetive they r? I'm cd34 and thought I was out this month as I have period pains! Bit of a shock as me and hubby have decided to stop ttc for a while whilst I settle into new job, which I start on monday! I will be on 3 montjs probation so not sure where I will stand work wise now? X x


  • Woo! Congratulations!! Not sure about the work side of things i'm afraid but great news about your BFP! xx
  • congrats!!!

    you do not need to inform an employer until 25 weeks that you are pregnant, as long as your job isnt at risk to you its prob best to keep quiet at least until your scan them hopefully your probabtion will be over too, they cannot discriminate against you for being pregnant x
  • Huge congratultions hun.
  • Congrats my lovely xx
  • YAY!! Big congratulations hun ... xx
  • Congrats PrincessA!!! I told you this was our month! Come over to dij, we're getting really busy over there! X x

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  • Congrats hun x
  • G/C but I had been at my job 3 weeks when I got my BFP and I told them straight away as I was quite ill with morning sickness, and sickness can go against you in your probation, but if your employers know that you are pregnant, they can't use it against you. In total I was off for 3 weeks of my 12 week probation, and I'm still here image
    I was so glad I told them because they were supportive with time off for early appointments and scans etc.
    I'd say best to tell them straight away, but there are a few girls in my due in who didn't tell until 20 weeks or after and said they had found out later on and they were fine too, I know that my employer appreciated the honesty though.
    Congrats on your BFP and heres to a h&h 9 months image
    Ally, 30+4 xxx

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  • Firstly congratulations.

    As far as work is concerned you don't have to inform them of your pregnancy yet so if I was you I would keep it to yourself for now. As Piggy pops said they can't discriminate against you but be aware that their duty of care to you as a pregnant employee only starts when you have told them. If your job involves any heavy lifting or anything else that could be a potential risk then tell them. That way they can make reasonable adjustments to your job to accomodate you.

    I work in HR so any questions let me know!
  • congrats on getting your bfp xx
  • Wow, congratulations! After a long wait for AF when you came off the pill it didn't then take long at all image x
  • Wow congratulations..that's sod law kicking in image You relax & boom image Here's to a happy & healthy 9 months...don't stress about the work think, it'll all work itself out. xx
  • HEY PRINCESS A!!!!!!! WOWIEEEEE!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! thats fab fab fab news hunni!!! see u in dij!!!!!!!! xxxx
  • HEY PRINCESS A!!!!!!! WOWIEEEEE!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! thats fab fab fab news hunni!!! see u in dij!!!!!!!! xxxx
  • yay!!!! Massive congratulations!!!! I'm soo sooo pleased for you!

    See you in DIJ!!!

  • wow thats great news for you!!! new job....and baby!! lol CONGRATULATIONS
  • Congratulations hon thats brilliant news!! xx
  • Congratulations hun xxxx
  • OMG I bet your in a shock, Congratulations Princess :\)

  • Oh thank_you ladies, I'm really over whelmed with everyone being so happy for me! I actually can't believe it, totally in shock, my boobs r very very heavy! X
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