I'm gutted...back to CD1 :-(

Hi Ladies,

Well as the post says, the witch found me this morning. I had spotting yesterday but as I was 12 DPO I didn't know whether it was implantation, but hey ho, obviously not!

Was feeling really down last night but me and the OH had a good chat about it and it obviously wasn't meant to be.

My cycle was only 29 days this month, whereas it's usually around 33-34, so at least we can 'get going' again a bit sooner! We followed the SMEP last month and used Preseed, so I'll be using this method again.

Hope you're all ok; babydust to you all and here's to my February BFP.


  • Morning hun CD1 for me 2
    we could be buddys :lol:
    as a buddy u need a (((((((((((((((((((((hug))))))))))))))))))))))))

    This is going to be my month image U joining me image


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