Things I am going to do before I get my BFP :p

Ok ladies after the crappy few months I have had SD is bouncing back with some PMA and I have decided to go back to my super organised ways like I was before I got married and became sooooooo lazy and hung up on BE!!

Feel free to add your goals if you like and then the wait till BFP might not seem so long

Things to do/goals to aim for:-

1) I am going to go and book a hair appointment for sat as I have had this rapid obsession that if I got my hair done it would harm the baby if I was preg now I know I am not well I am going to get a new hairdo!!

2) I am going to sort out our finances and I might start looking for a new job as am not sure where I stand with mine at the moment so maybe time to start looking and for something more secure for the future plus my boss is doing my flipping head in I swear if I here my name one more time :lol:

3) I need to start and look for a new car as mine is a shed and only a 2 door think we could do with a 4 door before a baby comes along would make life easier.

4) I need to lose some weight I have been comfort eating and noticed I have gained about a stone and I also need to tone up for my hol end of May!!

Ooh things to look forward to image

Dirty Dancing and Dirty Weekend in London next weekend yey :lol:

Hol for our 1st Anniversary end of May - goal to lose weight and tone up.

Our friends wedding in July

Hopefully a Nov/Dec baby :lol:

SD x


  • Definately with you on the weight loss hon! I put on 3 stone when carrying lo, lost 2 just with giving birth (he was a big bump!) but still want to shift that extra stone and it doesn't want to budge...but like you have been comfort eating image

    A stupid goal but one all the same, saving up for an Xbox!
    Things to look forward to: Friend's baby EDD 22 March, another friends 4 June, another friends wedding 26 June!!! All weddings & babies!!

    No holidays booked though, and have just left my job as was losing money after paying childcare! So looking forward to tightening my belt - both financially and weightlessly!

    And lots more BD-ing ;\)
  • Yey to Bding hun.

    I would give you my hubbys xbox gladly gonna have to tie him to the bed posts so he cant get on it as when he does he never gets off and thats not gonna get me preggers!!! he he

  • Hi, I would actually like to get married before getting my BFP - not asking much am I lol

    Also straightening out our finances image xx
  • I am going to get Lily to sleep in her bed without me having to stand on the landing each night! I am going to get the last few DIY jobs in the house done! xxx
  • Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't let hubby get one then!! Might be the same with him! Actually no, his libido is sky high so would have no problems there!

    But know what you mean when they're trying to do a dog with a bone!

    Where you going on holiday?!
  • Hi Broodykate - any plans to get married hun? are you engaged?

    JFP - I second you on the DIY jobs but I leave that to hubby i just think them up lol. Still waiting for our new kitchen floor to be put down we bought it before xmas and its laid down behind the table in the living room - its getting done soon I hope!!

    Garfield - going to San Antonio Bay all inclusive for a week end of May so have a goal to tone up for its erm......15 weeks yey!!!

  • hi there

    I'm with you SD, I want to lose some weight lost 2 1/2 stone but stuck for about 3 years now.

    V xxx
  • Actually you've reminded me I need to finish decorating the house...darn it! Got our bedroom, hall/stairs/landing & sitting room left to do. Groan...bathroom was worst as couldn't move ladders round very well and as suite was brand new was worried about splashing paint everywhere!!
    Plus i need to lay the new patio...but with a toddler I think all this will have to wait til hubby is off through summer (he's a teacher). Might have my BFP by then so he will have to do it all :lol:

    SD - San Antonio Bay sounds lovely! So jealous of you! We're planning a few days to Coventry to visit my dad...thats as much as we get with a toddler these days!
  • Garfield you have a toddler am the jealous one hun!! am just filling my time in until am preg and who knows could have a bean growing by time my hol comes round so will be a happy content lady!!

    PMA, PMA.

    Dieting and DIY officially sucks but its nice to look and feel nice and feels good to get all those piddly never ending jobs done in the house!

    I only wanted the trim back on the units in the kitchen hubby said they wouldnt fit anymore so i went out and bought a new floor and said to him well now you can put the trims back on, now he informs me that he still needs to cut them down.

    We needed a new floor anyway as we put some tiles down as a quick fix and they are freezing so just opted for a nice black n silver vinyl to put down as would like a new kitchen as we have kitchen that was in when we bought our house but cant justify a new kitchen or bathroom just yet and they are modern so dont desperately need done.

  • Yeah alright then I'll shut up image

    We had no choice to get a new bathroom - was 16 years old and falling apart (we had no taps that worked on sink, toilet bowl was cracked & the people who had house before us put non-waterproof laminate down so was warping!!)

    But you're right about looking & feeling nice and includes the house as well!
    Oh no, lo is awake again...4th time since his bedtime at 7! Looks like I'm in for a looooong night...

  • Love the PMA of the lists

    I want to lose weight, the short goal is for the end of Feb and the long term goal is for Summer. Ive got a wedding at the end of Feb and if i dont get a BFP i will be able to dance my socks off and squeeze into a lovely dress.

    I want to learn to sew better as i hardly use my machine

    I want to learn to drive!!!!

    I want to start getting set up for getting chartered.

    I think thats all for now!!

    x x x
  • Good Luck to all! Another for my list is to pass my first year at uni! finish 11th June image

    Sparkling Diamond, I originally planned my wedding for last year but we had to postpone and never set a new date, would love to set a new date and be married before getting my BFP image

    i'm looking at doing it simple (with the help of Garfield24 lol) I already have a dress, veil, tiara, shoes etc and we have our wedding rings from last time we planned, so its just a case of watching this space I think...

    I think i should chang my name from broodykate to high maintenace.... poor OH lol xxxx
  • Great thread image

    Here are mine

    1) Decorate the upstairs bedrooms
    2) Get a new bathroom
    3) holiday booked for end March to Egypt, so get my holiday clothes together
    4) lgetting my hair coloured in 2 weeks

    All of these can be done if I get my BFP this month too lol ! I reaaally hope I get BFP - I will find out next week one way or t'other : )
  • Hi SD,

    I like your idea, all this baby stuff has brainwashed us all, Damn this baby expert!
    I didnt realise you got married in may last year? What date? I got married on the 9th, cant believe how quick its been.
    Me and hubby are thinking of going to south of france for the 1st anniversary but all depends on my results of this late AF.

    Im in the same boat as you stace, I need to desperately get my upstairs completely decorated, when we moved in we just painted over the top, god knows how many layers of paint there is on our walls. We need a new bathroom too, Its starting to fall to bits now.

    I really need to organize all my bills/paperwork, Ive got receipts and bills from my old house, i couldnt be bothered to sort it.

  • Hay ladys loving the PMA

    I am mid painting my bedroom - have new bed coming next week.... sunday & monday i painted living room and tuesday i done the hall image only kitchen to do and it only has 1 wall and my b/room is tiles to the top image

    I have my bill up to date and some infront image

    mm... goals image

    Ive lots 19lb so need to lose a lot more got my OPK's at the ready...... All i need is a flipping BFP :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Good Luck ladys and PMA all the way xxxx
  • Hi everyone, wow some fabulous goals on here good luck everyone!

    MPP - 30th of May hun FA Cup Final Day we got married xx
  • 1. im gonna pay off my credit cards
    2. im gonna start looking for a new car
    3. we are gonna decorate the house
    4. im gonna get my sanity back from ttc lol x
  • 1. One more crazy holiday - I am thinking Namibia or Rajhastan.
    2. Get the kitchen and bathroom done (unlikely).
    3. Eat at the Fat Duck. Husband and I are crazy about Heston B. What a man!
    4. a bit more.
    That's it really. Could do with losing 3-7lbs but I don't mind if I don't.
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