My PMA has gone awol !

Woke up this morning feeling just toally deflated, and sure i'm not pg. I dont know why, I just lost my pma.

I had a strong + on an OPK on 4th June and bd'ed on 31st may, 4th June, and 5th June and i just think i missed it.

I have no idea when af is due, if I go 28 days which I did this last cycle then its sunday, or I could be 30th June onwards as I can go up to 96 days ! I made the mistake of testing again today and got a bfn, i dont know why I did it. I guess coz I woke up feeling queezy I thought maybe I could be. But now my pma is well and truly through the floor. :cry:


  • I know how you feel (I'm 6dpo and already tempted to test) but try not to count yourself out just yet. You're only 7 dpo so its definitely too early to test! Fingers crossed x
  • Hi lampchop,

    I too seem to be having long cycles on CD39 today. I got a strong positive on OPK on 5th june (so a day behind you) and we bd'd on 5th and 6th so hoping we caught too. Stay positive hun. I'm dying to know either way
  • The number of days from ovulation to your period is regular for most women so even if you have cycles of different lengths you should be able to work out when you are due to avoid testing too early. So if your luteal phase is 16 days it will be 16 days of a 30 day cycle or a 38 day cycle.

    With a positive on the 4th June you are likely not to have ovulated until the 5th which would mean you are 6DPO which is way too early to test! Hope you find your PMA and hold off testing until after the weekend (if at all possible)!

  • Hun it sounds like you've got a chance as you bd'd at the right time. I didnt think we had done it this month as i didnt have a single symptom but i got a bfp this am, so keep positive! we've been trying for 9 months too so i know how hard it is to keep pma x
  • I know just how you feel - it's so hard! I couldn't face getting out of bed this morning cos I am so down about TTC and constantly thinking about it. After a stern talking to by a friend and other half this afternoon, I have vowed to make a new attempt at positive thinking! It's much easier said than done isn't it!

    Right, so chin up and onwards. I know you'll have heard all of the cliches, but we WILL get there eventually and it will be all the more special when we do x x x
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