oh no....

the witch found me! and its back to day 1 for me i'm afraid.

and to top it all my friend and husband and 10 month old are coming to stay for the weekend - bummer!

right dh better get ready to be knackered this month!!!!!


  • Hey, I am on CD2 as af found me yesterday, grrrr!
    So we can keep each other company for our lucky month!
    Rach x
  • wicked! thanks for your reply - hormones got the better of me and i sobbed last night - feel better this morning - can at least have a drink on my hols and my birthday this month but next month will be ours - fingers croosed for us both!

  • I think I might be getting AF today, so we can all test together next month. Have had no period for months so I excited that this means I'm probably ovulating again.

    And Speckles - cheers! We can all have a drink this weekend!
  • Sorry shes found you. I think she'll be finding me today too! Good luck for next month!xxx
  • Yes - good luck to us all for next month! We can all test together xx
  • am enjoying a very nice post work cold lager - small mercies!
  • oh no, so sorry hun, try and keep + for next month hugs xxx
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