Got my first pcos diagnosis blood tests today!

Yay! I think my first af since mc arrived on Fri. I say 'think' as I have only had about 4 bits of bright red blood when I have wiped for the last 3 mornings, but as it has been 32 days since mc, 18 with no bleeding I guess this must be af, just a v light odd one after mc (maybe cos I didn't ov??)

Anyway, booked my cd 3 bloods for today (whihc is actually cd 4 but obviously couldn't get them done on a Sunday!) Am so excited that am hopefully getting another step closer to some kind of treatment. Sods law the results will come back fine and I will still be in the dark!

I hate blood tests though. Urgh. Trying not to think about that part too much!
Wish me luck! x x x


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