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is it or isnt it, arrrr! update !! cbd says preg 2 -3!

Well af was due today, after a few af like cramps over the past few days nothing happened today.Been getting twinges in sides, but no other symptoms, mayhave slightly(only very very slightly) sore (.Y.).in last day.

Couldnt wait so came home from work and poas!.After 5 mins I could see a very very faint line, 5 mins later I could see it a bit more, So very faint though. Got hubbb y to look when he got in 5 mins later he said he could see it, But this was fifteen mins later, do they continue to get slightly darker for a bit after 5 mins??? I just went out a bought a clear blue digital as I have now convinced myself that as its so faint its not there and is evap or something. ( It seemsthe line is ever so slightly stronger now but hasnt changed in last 3 hours) does that even make sense. hub doesnt belive it.

Should do the clear blue test tonight , Im not sure how I can wait till the morning??? Will it work or will it only show positivr with fmu. I dont want to get my hopes up for nothing.

Im a total novice, ahhhhhh help someone lol xxx

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  • Evening hun, you sound like me about three weeks ago. I did a test and BFN left it in the bathroom went out for abit and when I came home went to throw it in the bin and noticed there was a very very very faint line, so faint I had to hold it up to the light to see it and squint abit lol so did another and again a very very faint line and like you it was about 15 mins after and the packaging said not to read after 10. I waited till the next morning and did a Sainburys own and got a stronger line, did a tesco one that evening and a stronger line, and then another the next day (see where im going with this lol) think i've done 9 tests in total - haha

    Anyways long story short I would do another in the morning using FMU - also they say CBD arent very sensitive however it picked up my BFP on the Wednesday before I was due AF on Friday!

    Good Luck image xxxxx

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  • i would do the digi in the morning, good luck x
  • i had a v v faint line and it got stronger every couple of days best of luck xx
  • fingers crossed then. Going to be a long night. ill be up nice and early to test.I think seeing it in words will make it real , a faint pink line is not enough xx
  • I was the same hun, did 5 tests with lines but it wasnt till I saw the world 'pregnant' that I believed it - good luck xxx
  • well couldnt wait, , i put off peeing for 5 hours did a cbd and it says 2 -3 weeks, Im so shocked, still dont belive it , even though i can see it !!, Only thing I did differently this month was use preseed. and bd 4 days before ov and 2 days after. im still not beliveing it
  • woohooo congratualtions x
  • double post

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  • Yay! Congratulations!! Does that mean you'll be in due in June with me?
  • Congratulations. It's a great feeling when you see those words! x
  • Congratulations hun thats fantastic news image xxx
  • Congratulations! x
  • Woohooo - congrats to you hun xx

    LOVING all of these BFP's!!

  • Mrs EH, yeah i worked it out I should be due 1st June,, Well the bfp has done something to my hubby, I came home from work and he'd hoovered the whole house, washed up etc, never has he done this lol, long may it continue. xx
  • Congratulations!
    All the best for your pregnancy!
  • Great news!! Congratulations! x
  • Thanks ladies, its still sinking in , xxx
  • Congratulations x
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