Should I do a test?

I came off the pill in May and had withdrawal spotting the week after but nothing since. I am on CD47 now and my other half thinks I should test. I am scared to test. Had a spot of blood about 2 weeks ago when I wiped and deep down I am hoping that was a good sign but am scared to test because I really don't want to see a BFN. At least at the moment I have some hope.

I have very slight cramps on and off the last few weeks and often went to bed thinking AF would be there the the next day but nothing. I am a moody cow and have no energy the last week or so. Metal taste in my mouth too but I know these are signs of AF too.

Why can't women be built with a green light on their belly and when you are preggers it lights up rather than all this guess work.

Do I test now or weight a bit longer?


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