CBFM - is this normal?

Hi all,
Well this is our 6 month of TTC so we invested in a clearblue fertility monitor. I am now on CD15 and still on low fertility and this is really worrying me. Surely I should at least be on medium by now??

I am not sure about my cycle lengths (hence the CBFM to help us work when I'm ovulating) but last cycle was 35 days.

So should I be worried than I'm still on low? Has this happened to anyone else?

I'm sat here praying for a high or peak as husband returns tomorrow after month away and then he goes away again on wednesday for 2 weeks!! I feel something out there does not want us to have a baby any time soon!!



  • If your cycle is normally 35 days, then you probably wouldn't OV until CD 21 therefore there is plenty of time. It's quite normal to only get 1 or 2 high days before the peak so I wouldn't worry. Unfortunately though it does mean that the timings are a bit out with your DH, you'll just have to hope that his swimmers get lost and hang around a bit xx
  • Thank you for your reply lawso and for also putting my mind at ease!
    I guess I just need to be patient and accept that it probably won't happen this month - fingers crossed though that DH does have slightly stupid swimmers and that yes they do get lost!!!!!
  • GC to say good luck with your CBFM. Iot my beautiful BFP on the second mth of using mine, after 7 long mths of ttc.

    WIth my first mth I went straight from low to peak, on CD19 CD20 was still peak then 1 high followed by lows.

    My second mth I had a high at CD15, 16, peak 17 18 and then lows from 19...

    My advice is to stick with it it really works!!!

    BD 19 +1 xxx
  • Thanks BabyDancer - it's good to hear positive stories!! Bit disappointed it won't happen this month due to DH being away at completely the wrong time!! So going to focus on being super relaxed and healthy for next month. xx
  • Hi, I just wanted to add to what BabyDancer said, I got my Bfp on my first month of using a CBFM after 7 long months of TTC. I can't recommend them enough. Good luck!xx
  • Hi
    Sorry to gatecrash but I have the opposite problem, Im on CD6 and done my 1st test this morning and it went straight to high, is this normal?
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